17 Emma Watson’s Ex-relationships (Part 2)

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Actor Johnny Simmons (2011): Emma and the American actor Johnny Simmons developed feelings when starring in the movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. Paparazzi spotted the couple dating several times, even locking their lips on the street. However, their relationship lasted only a few months because Emma returned to England to attend Oxford. Both of them could not overcome the distant relationship between the two Atlantic shores.


Singer model George Craig (2010): When taking pictures for the Burberry brand in the summer of 2010, Emma and George Craig quickly “fell in love” with each other. The actress then appeared in the MV “Say You Don’t Want It” of music band One Night Only. She also went to see her boyfriend perform for many music nights. Besides, Emma attended the Glastonbury outdoor music festival in England with George Craig (pictured). But then both of them were just a short passionate summer love.


Rock star Rafael Cebrian (2009-2010): Emma got acquainted with Rafael Cebrian at Brown University in 2009. These students sometimes dated several times, including an ice hockey tour, and Rafael did not take his eyes off Emma. However, Emma later denied this relationship. She explained that the Spanish singer was just her longtime friend at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.


Financier Jay Barrymore (2008 – 2009): Emma Watson always fell in love with smart, handsome guys, and Jay Barrymore was that type of person. Jay was 7 years older than Emma. He was a financial expert in London, England. During 1.5 years of love, Jay moved to Emma’s house, even though the actress was only 19 years old. However, the relationship ended when Emma moved to Rhode Island (USA) to study at Brown University.


Reality TV show star Francis Boulle (2008): Before going to the US to study, Emma had a brief love with Francis Boulle, who was later known for the show “Made in Chelsea”. At the Cartier Polo party in 2008, the two were attracted to each other, and a new relationship flourished. But not long after, Francis broke Emma’s heart when he broke up with her and declared that he did not want to date with “a famous kid-star”.


Actor Angus Willoughby (2007-2008): Emma and Angus met each other while they were studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Angus was the son of an Olympic rowing athlete. He was also passionate about rugby, but he pursued acting. Angus and Emma shared a lot of common interests.


Rugby player Tom Ducker (2006-2007): Handsome sports players always cut Emma Watson’s heart, and rugby star Tom Ducker was the actress’s first official boyfriend. The teenage love was sweet and romantic but only lasted about a year. Emma’s agent shared on The Sun that Emma and Tom were “broken like any other teenage couple”, falling in love and then separating. However, a lot of information said that Tom Ducker was a real womanizer.


Co-star Tom Felton (2003-2005): Dating rumor between “the antagonist witch Draco Malfoy” and “witch Hermione Granger” rose in the early years of “Harry Potter”. However, Emma later confessed that this was her “one-sided” love. Meanwhile, another co-star fallen in love with Emma was actor Matthew Lewis (witch Neville). “I probably had secretly missed Emma for about two years until I was 13-14 years old”, Matthew Lewis revealed on Seventeen magazine.

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