Daniel Radcliffe First Met His Girlfriend Erin Darke While Filming a Sex Scene

After the hot scene, the actor Daniel Radcliffe fell in love with the beauty Erin Darke immediately even though she was 4 years old older than him.

Daniel Radcliffe First Met His Girlfriend Erin Darke While Filming a Sex Scene

Many celebrity couples met each other when filming together. Daniel Radcliffe and her colleague Erin Darke was not an exception. They were even in a more sensitive situation. Daniel revealed that the first time he met his girlfriend was when they came to shoot a hot scene in the movie Kill Your Darlings in 2012 (premiered in 2013). Their characters performed oral sex scenes in a library.

Daniel said in an interview with People, “It would be an interesting story to tell our children someday because of what our characters had done together. How two characters met and flirted each other became our sweet record.”

The poet played by Daniel was forced to kiss and performed oral sex by a librarian (Erin Darke).

Daniel Radcliffe said he fell in love with the actress at first sight. Therefore, he did not need to “act” much. He just let the true feelings lead in the love scene.

Before, Daniel also expressed his love at first sight with Erin in an interview with the Mirror: “We fell in love immediately. That was the moment I had to say: “Oh, I love her.” I felt a special connection with her, and we could suddenly talk to each other easily”.

Regarding Erin Darke, she confided that she and Daniel were attached because they were always deeply sympathetic. Erin said: “One of the first things to connect us is that we both love what each other does and have mutual understandings. Sometimes he helps me to be confident and balance my life. He is very passionate about reading. We strongly support the career of each other.”

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