Kate Beckinsale Reveals Secrets to Keep Fit at the Age of 46

 Kate Beckinsale, actress of movie “Underworld” revealed that she did exercises 6 times per week and avoid stimulants to keep inner health to outer beauty. 


Kate Beckinsale looks so active and sexy on Women’s Health magazine. It’s unbelievable that she is at the age of 46.


In the interview, Kate Beckinsale shared that she didn’t take alcohol, cigarettes and even chocolate to keep her fitness. 


Kate Beckinsale said that she was a sensitive person. “If you said that you were feeling nauseous, I could nauseate immediately. If I ate too much chocolate, it would be the same as when people take drugs.”


“Doing exercises is nearly the most important thing to me.”

Before workout, Kate usually eats chicken or egg, salad together with turnip salad, brussels sprout and safflower oil.


She also shared a little bit about her broken marriage with film director Len Wiseman in this interview.

This British beauty said that her marriage looked easy to handle but it’d better if both of them didn’t live together.

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