‘Dolittle’ is continued being underrated after ‘Cats’


Being well-known as one of a pivotal character in not only the Avenger franchise but also in MCU, Robert Downey Jr is one of the most elegant charming actors who got a variety of experiences in the acting career. He turns from a drug-addicted man in Less and Zero to a witty humorous billionaire in Iron Man. So, this new is not a flavor spoon added to ancient acting history. But ‘Dolittle’ is really a bombshell of Robert after finishing the role in Avenger: Endgame.

Yes, it’s definitely embarrassing to say that Dolittle is a bombshell for Universal and Robert Downey Jr coming so soon after Cats. The revenue in the first-week release was at around $29 million for the Fri-Mon. This revenue was so low due to the $175 million collected expected. Besides it, Cats collected around $95 million. 

Directed by Stephen Gaghan, Dolittle entertains very young viewers. But they deserve better than this rote adaptations jumbled story and stale humor. In the first week, this movie just received just 14% positive by Rotten Tomatoes, raising one of Robert’s unworthy watching movies.

Team Downey, the company that Robert and his wife Susan Downey co-founded, which in charge of a lot of big projects from the next sequel of the live-action adaptation of Pinocchio and the sequel to Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.  ‘Dolittle’ is a comedy action movie that Robert starred as the leading role, also is a flop movie of this year 2020, after ‘Cats’ of Tom Hooper.

Robert Downey Jr

However, audiences still had comparatively little interest in Dolittle. That it starred Downey Jr. wasn’t nearly enough of a draw, although not being a box office movie. We are all waiting for his prominent next project together with Universal.

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