Margot Robbie Said “YES” to Same-sex Marriage

As known as a talented movie actress, Margot Robbie was famous throughout the globe with more than 14 million followers on Instagram. She did not hesitate to support same-sex marriage under public pressure.

The day when Australia voted to legalize same-sex marriage, Margot did not disappoint her fans when she directly shared her opinion toward same-sex marriage on her social network. Her “Yes” on the vote received positive feedbacks from ACT and New South Wales communities.

Beautiful Margot Robbie in blockbuster Tarzan

The beautiful 28-year-old rose tweeted a picture with her pink sunglasses and a super adorable kiss gesture to the link associated with the Australian Election Commission. She checked the box yes to support legalizing same-sex marriage with the hashtag “Love is love”.

Sweet kiss to everyone on voting day

The post of Robbie was transmitted by the online community with rapid speed. More than 300,000 likes were dropped on her status line in just one hour. During 10-day election period, she did not stop supporting LGBT community from the timeline stories with hashtag “Love is Love”. At the same time, at the interview on Canberra’s television, she expressed her opinion: “I love all people, whoever they are, whatever gender they are, all of people deserve to be respected and love with the utmost sincerity.”

Margot directly shared her opinion on TV broadcast

On 15 November 2017, when the law was published by the governments of Sydney and Melbourne on television that “rainbow hearts” were able to get married equally like everyone else. Margot Robbie had immersed in the rainbow atmosphere on all the streets.

The win of “Yes” toward the law of legalizing same-sex marriage 

Margot Robbie has built her career from the early years of her adulthood. She made her name in Australian entertainment industry via the Neignbors series from 2008 to 2011. In early 2014, the name Margot Robbie started appearing in the US thanks to movie The Wolf of Wall Street. Unitl product Suicide Squad was released, her name became widespread worldwide and Margot was ranked 7 in the top sexiest women on earth. Becoming a bright and famous A-list in Australia, her action of supporting LGBT community had added great motivation for them to be more confident to protect their rights.

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