Ariana Grande Brother Is Dating A Married Same-sex Couple!

Frankie Grande – Ariana Grande brother just made a statement in an interview with Us Weekly that made the media buzz. The 35-year-old dancer said, during the past 3 months, he has been dating a married couple. The couple is Mike Pophis – a doctor and Daniel Sinasohn – a lawyer.

 Frankie told Us: “These are my boyfriends. We have been dating for almost 3 months, but in the gay world, that period is like 5 years.” Frankie added, what he liked about the couple was that they were knowledgeable. This 3-person relationship is currently attracting much attention and mixed opinions from the public.

Frankie has previously revealed he openly talked to Ariana when she was 11 years old. When asked if Ariana’s “No Tears Left To Cry” was a song for the gay community, Frankie replied, “That’s right! She always supports the LGBTQ community, her songs. Ariana always said it. In this song, she sang: “They’ve pointed out the colors in you, I see them too, and boy, I like the colors.”

“Through that Ariana honored the love of all genders. All colors of the rainbow. Not to mention she also took a cover photo for this single is a picture of rainbow light shining on her face.”

“Ariana and I are 10 years apart. She grew up with an older brother who loved her unconditionally. We both treasured each other,” Frankie said.

In Pride (the month of gay pride), Ariana Grande sends a letter to the LGBT community, sharing about her gay brother.

According to Billboard, the voice of No Tears Left To Cry expressed her love and thanked her brother in particular, the LGBT community in general for supporting and helping her on the stage to become a music star.

Opening the letter, the 24-year-old singer wrote about growing up with a gay brother, Frankie Grande. “I idolize Grande, everything you do, I will do it. I can’t remember the difference between Grande before and after he went out. He is always Grande”.

The singer continued, “My family has never discussed sex and gender, I’m afraid to discuss that issue. When my brother revealed his sex, my grandfather was surprised but still congratulated. She revealed that the whole family had dinner together after that.

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