Justin Bieber Hairstyle: Top 7 Iconic Hairstyles

Justin Bieber hairstyle is probably the most requested hairstyle at the barbershop.

Discovered talent through cover clips on YouTube, Justin Bieber was lucky enough to become the favorite student of R&B superstar – Usher. After signing a contract with Island record company, the singer quickly ascended the throne and always maintained the position of “pop prince” with a series of hit series that constantly caused fever. Not only impressing the audience with his deep, powerful voice, he also makes the girls fascinated by his hairstyles.

1. Justin Bieber mop-top hairstyle

The mop-top hairstyle of The Beatle is probably the first version of the “marshal” hairstyle today. Hair is reared, pushed forward to create a romantic, youthful look. Not only caused a strong effect from The Beatle era but to this day, this hairstyle continues to cause fascination. Previously, Justin has been loyal to this Mop-top hairstyle for a long time, this beautiful hairstyle brings youthful and baby looks to him.

2. Dreadlocks

The braided hair (also known as the dreadlock) – art comes from blacks, passionate about Hip-hop and sports. Born around 1970 in the US, dreadlock braids quickly “knocked down” many beauty believers. With a special impression of fashion and health, dreadlock braids have gone through all language and cultural restrictions to create a separate world – a meeting place for dreadlock hair players. Justin Beiber is also one of those “players”, he impressed at the iHeart Radio Awards in April 2016 by this unique hairstyle.

3. Undercut strokes horizontally

A horizontal swipe undercut is considered a hairstyle that helps to show a strong sense of masculinity. Considered to be one of the most popular undercut variants, creating a breakout, concealment of facial hair. The horizontal undercut creates a new and romantic feeling that makes it easy for the guys to crush their crush.

4. Justin Bieber Short undercut hairstyle

Justin Bieber seems to love undercut hairstyles. Still a close cut on both sides, but unlike the undercut hairstyle, the undercut is short and combed backward. This hairstyle brings a fresh look to the masculine undercut.

5. Crew cut

The charming and simple male hair of the world star is one of the most popular hairstyles when it is uncomfortable hot weather in the beginning of the season. Besides long male hair, curly male hair, Korean male hair, … the bun hairstyle also helps him easily score points with the opposite person at first sight, so if you want to be comfortable and cool, you guys can look like Justin Bieber right now!

6. Undercut swipes backward

By the summer of all long hairstyles, some Korean hairstyles will gradually be replaced by undercut hair, because with this popular hairstyle it feels comfortable and cool when the weather is hot and uncomfortable. Reverse hair is still the hottest male hair trend: strong, elegant, personality, and simple. Take a look at this hairstyle of Justin Bieber, make sure you will fall in love immediately.

7. Justin Bieber Faux Hawk hairstyle

Faux Hawk is one of the most beautiful and popular male hairstyles today. As a variation of the Mohican hairstyle, this hairstyle is characterized by a high-tufted tuft of hair, sides cut short, contributing to brightening and delicate face. One of the leading stars in making Faux Hawk become the top favorite is the pop prince Justin Bieber.

Now that you have seen top 7 iconic hairstyles of Justin Bieber, maybe you will know which one to get next time you go to a barbershop.

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