Beyonce’s Daughter Outfit: Blue Ivy Has A Style

Beyonce’s daughter outfit sometimes can outshine her own. Blue Ivy recently appeared at the Super Bowl Week with her stylish outfit and impressive braided hair, quickly attracting photographer lenses.

Beyonce's daughter outfit

At the annual championship match of the National Super Bowl, Blue Ivy received attention not less than the performance of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Beyoncé’s daughter impresses with the cool fashion style in the main black outfit with a leather jacket with short skirt legs and pitiful boots. The frilly red shirt becomes the highlight on the overall. Fans commented that the girl’s taste of clothing is increasingly stylish. She can easily become the child face of fashion brands. Photo: Dailymail

Beyonce's daughter outfit

Both mother and child once caught the eye with their shining appearance at the premiere of The Lion King in Los Angeles, USA.  Crystal embroidered dresses of Jay-Z’s wife and Blue Ivy were created from the prestigious brand Alexander McQueen, Givenchy. Photo: Beyoncé.

She also has the opportunity to appear in her mother’s music products with her personality image in colorful outfits and shapes suitable for her age. The braided hair of each strand is the characteristic of Beyoncé’s daughter whenever she appears.  Photo: Beyoncé.

Beyonce's daughter outfit

Blue Ivy outfits are usually carefully selected by stylists to match Beyoncé’s image on the red carpet of the event.  At the opening ceremony of the movie Lion King, the 8-year-old girl dressed in an African spirit. From costumes to accessories, there is a connection with the lion-shaped skirt of the wife of Jay-Z.  Photo: Beyoncé.

Beyonce's daughter outfit

8-year-old girl also owns expensive brand closets from fashion houses around the world.  Appearing at the event with his father, rapper Jay-Z, Ivy was chosen by his mother for a pink Gucci suit costing about 25 million VND. Tiger-shaped handbag at more than 2,100 USD. Photo: Dailymail.

Beyonce's daughter outfit

Blue Ivy made an impression like Jay-Z and Beyoncé with furry skirts and white blazers on the red carpet of CDFA awards ceremony.  The total value of the outfit is over 630 USD.  Photo: Vogue.

Blue Ivy and her mother attended the “white carpet” event at the MTV Video Music Awards.  Here, the girl spreads from the high-end fashion house Mischka Aoki, worth $ 10,950.  In addition, Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers cost USD 189.  Photo: ELLE.

Gucci is one of Beyoncé’s favorite brands. Pretty girl with a cascading skirt pattern color is more than 50 million. Accessories of Blue Ivy also come from prestigious fashion houses. Photo: Beyoncé.

Blue Ivy and her mother dress hydrangeas from Dolce & Gabbana. Photo: Beyoncé.

Despite just going to the basketball with his parents, Blue Ivy still chooses expensive brand name costumes. For example, a waist bow tie cost more than 600 USD.

The first daughter of the powerful duo Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z, Blue Ivy Carter has a dream life.  Unlike her peers, from a young age, she had a professional team behind her as bodyguards, cooks, and especially her own stylist. Even, Beyonce’s daughter outfit is also appreciated by the connoisseurs of style that is no less than the stars even though they are only 8 years old.

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