Why venom is the most terrible role in the acting career of Tom Hardy?


Tom hardy was acclaimed as one of the top-rated actors of the Hollywood industry due to his flexible acting skill. He portrayed each character every well, from the cruel antagonist in Revenant to the brave pilot in Dunkirk. But, with Venom, the movie released in 2018, Tom Hardy looks like the fish out of water. Despite the stunning worldwide collection, Venom is still acclaimed as one of the most terrible movies of Tom Hardy.

 The unimpressed script coming from director Ruben Fleischer

 Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the movie illustrates the story of a failed journalist Eddie Brock ( Tom Hardy), who accidentally becomes the host of an alien symbiote. It gives him supernatural abilities called Venom. From that, Eddie uses his powers to protect the world from the dark organization looking for a symbiote of their own.

 Despite highly recommend audiences, Venom still can’t conquer the movie critics. The move received 80% positive by AUDIENCE SCORES but just 29% positive by TOMATOMETER. the movie critic commented that The movie was boring, using normal script, and had no impressive twists. It has nothing more than fun. Venom was acclaimed just an entertained movie. However, if you went to the movie with extremely lowered expectations, and from that perspective, you actually had fun with it.

 The fame of Tom Hardy and stellar worldwide collection can’t save the flop.

 As the first time Venom hit the theatre, Venom carved a strong impression due to its big revenue.  Venom has attained nearly $611 million from international markets and more than $211 million in the domestic box office. With just $116 million in the budget, venom total took the grown of other sub-genre of superhero cinema, even Wonder Woman and Spider-Man: Far From Home, and became the highest-grossing movie with huge ticket sales in China.


 Besides, one of the big pluses is the fame of this brilliant actor. The people flocked out of the theatre to watch Tom Hardy’s performance. Sonny did earn a hot deal with Venom, actually. However, the movie critics didn’t give Venom a good review. Tom Hardy gives it his all, but Venom falls short in almost every way. It has bad acting, bad pacing and editing, and unimpressive plots. As a result, the movie won the Golden Schmoes nomination for Biggest Disappointment of the Year and became the most flop movies in Tom Hardy’s career.

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