Michael Jackson Net Worth After Death

Since 2009, Michael Jackson net worth after death is more than $ 900 million, making Michael Jackson one of the richest dead stars.

The talented singer Michael Jackson died years ago – when he was on the verge of bankruptcy. However, according to TMZ, the meager remaining assets of the pop king are proliferating and now his three children inherit no small amount of inheritance.

Some financial sources revealed to TMZ that Michael Jackson net worth after death has grown 2 billion since his death. This money comes from music products, movies and other investments.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland

In particular, the biggest revenue came from box office sales and then by selling “This is It”. This is a documentary film that recorded behind-the-scenes footage of Michael Jackson rehearsing for a concert in London before his sudden death. abruptly. Revenues from Michael Jackson shows: “The Immortal World Tour” of the Circque du Soleil circus and many other investments.

The amount of nearly 2 billion USD after subtracting the remaining expenses is about 800 million USD. However, this amount is only 450 million USD after all taxes. This is an impressive figure because Michael died long ago.

After his death, Michael’s leftover property was not worth much. Some real estate must cover the debt of $500 million.

Michael Jackson’s children

According to TMZ, if Michael’s three children sold all their father’s real estate and other assets, they would become rich. They would have an inheritance worth $100 million each.

Besides, The Sun magazine also said a group of legal experts have been authorized to oversee financial activities related to his intellectual property. These works had a total profit of more than $973 million at the time. Based on documents submitted to the Los Angeles Supreme Court by those responsible for managing the property. The lawyers affirmed that they had “successfully rebuilt and reinforced the image of Jackson”.

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