New Movie of Chris Evans: The Gray Man Had a Budget up to 200 Million Dollars

The new movie of Chris Evans: the spy film project “The Gray Man” with an investment of $ 200 million had the participation of Ryan Gosling.

New Movie of Chris Evans: The Grey Man

Netflix has just announced a plan to produce the most expensive movie ever of them. The amount of investment on Gray Man was up to 200 million dollars. This spy movie is expected to open a blockbuster series that spans multiple parts. 

In the movies, there is an expectation that Ryan Gosling would play the role of a notorious assassin who was a spy before. And in the new movie of Chris Evans, he would play the role of a CIA agent with the task of pursuing Gosling. According to Deadline, the director of this movie is Joe and Anthony Russo.

The Gray Man based on the content of the novel The Gray Man by Mark Greaney. The central character of the series was Court Gentry aka “The Gray Man”. He was an assassin once served for the CIA with the nickname of “the legend of the underworld”.

New Movie of Chris Evans: The Grey Man

People hope the movie would open up a new brand of sensational spy film. The Gray Man maybe like a version of 007 of the online movie platform.

Currently, the literary version of this movie has gone through 10 volumes and has not been closed yet. Therefore, if the 200-million-dollar project of Netflix goes well, the content expansion for the next parts will be easy to find.

Director Joe Russo said: “Our intention is to turn the movie into a work that can compete with any movie in the theater. And the opportunity to work with Gosling and Evans is a real dream. 

We have come up with the idea to build a complete series. And Ryan Gosling is the center character. We are ready for the first movie. And it would be great if we had a chance to make a second movie.”

New Movie of Chris Evans: The Grey Man

The new co-CEO of Netflix, Ted Sarandos, emphasized that the online movie-watching platform has received huge encouragement when launching new brand-opening projects. One of which is the action movie The Old Guard.

Netflix has not announced the official release schedule of The Gray Man yet. However, the project is ready to start shooting early next year.

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