Ariana Grande Hair Journey

Ariana Grande hair is probably one of the most famous things about her.

Ariana Grande is famous for her rare, beautiful, and soaring voice. Thanks to her beautiful voice, she has been favored for nicknames such as “Pop Princess”, “Little Diva”. In the past year, the singer has released a series of hits “storming” on all music charts. The most typical ones are “Thank you, next” and “7 rings”. The great talent that brought Ariana to the top made many fans. Besides music achievements, the singer also made an unforgettable impression in the hearts of fans through her unique hairstyles. It can be said that Ariana Grande’s hairstyles are always bold personal symbols.

2008: Cute curly black hair

In 2008, during a visit to Planet Hollywood Times Square in New York City, Ariana caught the attention of her curly hair. She appeared with shoulder-length black hair, combined with frizzy curls. In particular, Ari becomes more prominent with the style of black eye makeup with eyeliner. This style gives the singer a youthful and outgoing style, suitable for a 13-year-old teenage girl.

2009: Hot red hair

Turning to new age, Ariana has replaced a curly hairstyle with attractive red hair. This new appearance was “debuted” when she attended the AFI Film Festival 2009. Red hair combined with a blue dress “turned” the singer into an Ariel mermaid in real life. The hairstyle helps to flatter the white skin and the delicate lines on her face. This is also a new beginning for Ari’s signature red hair.

This hairstyle continued to follow Ariana until the end of 2012. Before that, the singer had starred in the film Victorious as Cat Valentine. The bright red hair and soaring voice made an unforgettable impression on the audience. Accordingly, red hair became a prominent ‘member’ in Ariana Grande’s list of hairstyles.

2012: Ariana Grande going back to the beautiful brown hair

After finishing her role in the film Victorious, Ariana decided to return to a softer and more natural appearance. During this time, chocolate brown hair and soft curls are her favorite choices. This hairstyle combined with Ari’s healthy brown skin creates an extremely attractive effect. In addition, the nude lipstick colors give the singer a charming and classic beauty.

2013: The iconic Ariana Grande hair: the ponytail

2013 marked an important career milestone for Ariana Granda. This is the year of her debut music album, “Yours Truly”. Besides this memorable event, 2013 was also the year that Ari debuted the hairstyle that made her brand. The singer started appearing with her typical high ponytail. Along with the soaring voice, this famous hair becomes something that fans cannot forget when mentioning Ariana.

In particular, Ariana is also very “hard-working” to create unique variations for this hairstyle. Typically, her extremely prominent ombre dyed hair. Brown hairline combined with blonde hair makes the hairstyle more unique and more stylish. The singer has kept this hair for quite a long time.

2016: Stunning bangs

Ariana, with her silky bangs and ponytail, Ariana once again created a new craze. This hair gives Ari a youthful appearance and no less personality. During this time, the female singer’s hairstyle became a popular trend and covered the web.

2018: Ariana Grande trying gray hair

Ariana surprised with her platinum hair. This is considered the most daring hairstyle of her ever. The combination of new hair color and low ponytail makes the singer become more attractive and more stylish. This new appearance has made fans feel extremely surprised and excited.

By the end of August, Ariana Grande surprised fans with his long bob hair.

2019: The return of the signature ponytail

After some interesting changes, it seems that the ponytail is still Ariana’s favorite hair. The singer performed at the 2019 Coachella music festival with a straight and long ponytail. To create a highlight for her hair, she used an additional set of studded hairpins.

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