7 Female Celebrities Worked out Hard for their Characters

1. Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner spent 6 times a week on working out during 3 months for movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Her exercises lasted at least 1 hour.


2. Scarlett Johansson 

Personal trainer of Scarlett Johansson affirmed that his customer was trained as a professional athlete to become a perfect Black Window. Exercises for Scarlett were combined and changed flexibly including weightlifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, yoga and so on.


3. Alicia Vikander

Playing role of Lara Croft in movieTomb Raider, Alicia Vikander spent up to 7 months to prepare her physical strength and body shape. She applied  exercise regimen of profession athletes including 6 times of weightlifting, 2-3 times climbing, and 4 times boxing per week. 


4. Anne Hathaway 

To appear perfectly with tight clothes of Cat Woman in The Dark Knight Rises, Anne Hathaway had experienced severe exercises 5 times a week. She mainly did weightlifting to increase muscle and burn fat. In addition, she spent 1.5 hours per day on dancing. She also applied this exercise regimen to keep fit after giving birth to her first son in 2016. 


5. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence not only went to gym hard but also studied archery, ballet dancing, and climbing to play the rold of spy Dominika Egorova in movie Red Sparrow (2018).


6. Brie Larson 

To play the role Carol Danvers who led other marvels in movie Captain Marvel, Brie Larson had experienced an unsimple physical training. Brie exercised 5 times a week during 9 months to improve her strength as well as her endurance. She even lifted her hips by a 180-kg barbell and pushed a 2-ton Jeep car uphill. 


7. Emily Blunt 

Before filming science fiction movie Edge of Tomorrow (2014), Emily Blunt had experienced intense workout with cardio, weightlifting, sprints and Krav Maga, an Israel marital art. 

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