Beautiful Wife of Football Player Kaka

In the end of November 2019, football player Kaka & Carolina Dias held their outdoor wedding at a resort in Brazil with more than 300 guests. In the ceremony, this former player of AC Milan burst into tears when witnessing the moment that his bride and 2 children (of his own) came toward the hall. They have been dated for 3 years before becoming husband and wife of each other.  

Carolina Dias was born in 1994, who is a famous model in South America area. She joined fashion world in 2014 and quickly became well-known thanks to her wild and hottie. Page Celebs Trend Now used to rank her as one of the most popular models in Brazil.

Kaka’s wife has continuously “burned audiences’ eyes” by a series of sexy photos on her account having more than 500.000 followers. It was revealed that she got various advertising contracts for underwear brands this time.

However, Dias was evaluated to be lacked of breakout because she hasn’t had chances to appear on many prestige magazines. At present, this model is being administered by Ford Models, which is an international model company of USA having headquarter in New York. 

This beauty owns dreamy eyes, tan skin and attractive body which maybe her weapons to win Kaka’s heart. Since dating Kaka, Dias has travelled more to enjoy the happiness besides her boyfriend. 

Dias is really attractive in left facial angle photoshoots especially mixing with off-shoulder dresses or summer ones. 

Favorite quote of this beauty is: “If you have bright eyes, you could always see positive things and feel better about your life everyday”.

Dias could win heart of her husband’s family and fans. On her account, she posted photo besides Kaka’s daughter with a sweet caption: “Isabella, thank you for accepting me in the simplest and purest way. Thanks for the happiness, the belief and all of things you have given to me.”

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