How Will Smith and His Wife Teach their Children

Will Smith and his wife allow their children to control their lives and learn from their experiences by themselves.

Will Smith not only specialized in dramatic action roles, but the actor also performed the image of a close, loving father who often taught his children meaningful lessons of the live.

In “The Pursuit of Happyness” (2006), Will Smith taught his child that he should not lie and should not be discouraged despite falling into the darkest corner of life. In After Earth (2013), he attached affection to his children from tough to rigorous journey to understand and trust each other. In real life, the actor and his wife also have open and modern ways of teaching there children. Therefore, they are sometimes criticized due to “weird” methods. 

Actress Jada Pinkett, Will Smith’s wif, shared about her special method of educating their children: “We do not give any rules to children. They are allowed to do whatever they want. As long as they’re happy and it’s good for them.”

That also means that Jaden Smith and Willow Smith never have to listen to their parents’ words. They are free to do everything they want and have to learn from their own experiences by themselves.

Rebellious images of Jaden Smith and Willow Smith since their childhood

When sharing about their teaching methods, the Smith family had faced a lot of criticism from educators. Because it is thought that if parents are not strict from the beginning, their children would have an unruly lifestyle later.

The proof was rebellious and distinct images of Jaden and Willow Smith. Far from gentle and cute images like daughters of other stars, Will Smith’s daughter caused a shocking with a thorny image since she was only 8 years old.

She liked short hair ans constantly changed into weird hairstyles. Saying no to skirts, Willow chose for herself a strong and thorny style.

At the age of 13, Willow Smith was involved in a sex scandal when her intimate images with the 20-year-old actor were leaked. The images that she didn’t wear shirt lying on upper legs of a man caused a fierce controversy on social networks.

The bigger Jaden Smith was not an exception. He had also changed in unexpected direction. From a pure and lovely “Karate boy”, Jaden now was often described as an eccentric and rebellious young man.


At the age of 15, he became an advertising model for a women’s fashion brand. He comfortaly wore skirts on the streets and often dressed unisex costumes to join in events.

When he was 20 years old, Jaden publicized his relationship with male rapper Tyler the Creator although he had previously dated with many famous beauties in the entertainment industry such as models Sarah Snyder and Kylie Jenner.

Like his younger sister, Jaden Smith also often appeared in special appearances. He constantly changed the “unique” hairstyles with diamond crowns. It was considered that he was down and selfindulgent at the age of 21.

“Ignoring” your children, is that true?

Although there were always controversy with weird appearances, it was undeniable that both of Will Smith’s children have done things that children at their same age did not dare to try.

Willow Smith has a passion for fashion. She is completely free to give the decision for her body. Therefore, weird costumes also helps Willow to shape her personal style and express her true personality. She is fondly called by “new world fashion icon”, “child fashionista” or  “Rihanna little version”.

Jaden also frankly shared that the decision to wear a skirt was not a rebellious action. In fact, it was a way for him to convey the spirit of freedom to young people. It helped people think beyond their own framework and encouraged them not to be afraid of being bullied or mocked when doing like him.

Being freely able to do whatever they want, both Jaden and Willow were free to express themselves in the art fields from acting, singing to producing music. At the age of 15, Jaden Smith bought a house for himself by the money he earned and asked his parents to let him live his private life.

And especially, despite the stir of public opinions toward their different appearances, Jaden and Willow have never been involved in a scandal of personality or bad attitude. Both of them always receive support and advocacy from their parents.

When Willow’s hot photo scandal was leaked, Jada Pinkett also vigorously defended her daughter. She said that the photo was not related to sex and it was bad that people were putting dark thoughts into it.

Jaden, though sometimes made his father worry about his rebellious images, was always followed by his father in the music career. Will Smith did not hesitate to sing duets with his son. He was still close to the his son even though Jaden was no longer within the “safety zone” set out by his parents.

Although the children will be free to make decisions and take responsibility for their own work, the Will Smith couple also build trust, closeness and sharing with them.

From an early age, Jada frankly discussed and talked with her children on sensitive topics such as gender or sex. She gave them the freedom, but at the same time, she still understood what they were doing outside.

It is difficult to determine whether the Smith’s family-oriented “parenting” approach is true or not. But it is sure to say that Will Smith has allowed the children to grow as they wish.

Drawing on experience from his childhood which was often forced to live by his parents, Will Smith asserted, “As a parent, if the child is an oak tree, I want it to grow up like an oak tree, not try to force the child to become an apple tree.”

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