“Thanos” Josh Brolin Then and Now: The Past of a Playboy

“Thanos” Josh Brolin had experienced many ups and downs before he reached the peak today.

A spoilt son at Hollywood

Before taking on the role of the villain Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, Josh Brolin was a famous male star in Hollywood. And even without any role, Josh Brolin had been known as a son of famous actor James Brolin.

"Thanos" Josh Brolin Then and Now: The Past of a Playboy

In the 80s, Josh Brolin was a spoiled son. He was living a life of indulgence due to excessive pampering by his parents. At the age of 16, he took drugs and joined a group of young surfers called Cito Rats.

“At that time, members of that group were both rich and poor children neglected our their parents. The group was a mixture of those two. Whether rich or poor, we basically grew up in the same way, “Josh Brolin described the group he used to be a member of.

"Thanos" Josh Brolin Then and Now: The Past of a Playboy

“I used to use heroin, I never really liked it and I did not die because of it, fortunately”, the villain Thanos admitted about the past of drug use. He also shared that despite his luck, 19 of his friends died of the white death.

At the age of 17, Josh Brolin had his first role and began to have a certain reputation in the film The Goonies. But that did not stop him from becoming a petty thief because he needed money to spend: “I usually stole radios in cars.”

“With a hanger, I can pick up the details quite easily. I did it pretty well and I still could do it up to now. All the money I had was poured into drugs and drums. That time was like that.”

At the age of 19, he was caught in a fight and police arrived. Josh Brolin fought the police and went to jail. The actor recalled that day: “I was very drunk. I still couldn’t remember how that fighting started. I woke up when I found myself in prison.”

Because of hitting the police, Josh Brolin faced a long prison sentence. Therefore, all the money saved, including film salaries, went to defense lawyers. Finally, the actor also had to sit in prison for a while. Fortunately, the sentence was not too long.

"Thanos" Josh Brolin Then and Now: The Past of a Playboy

Soon after, the shock of Josh’s life struck: His mother died. The son, loved by his beloved mother, suddenly realized that he needed to rebuild his life: “I used to think we should destroy everything, experience everything but then I didn’t believe in it anymore.”

Abandoning drugs and becoming a successful Hollywood star, but at the age of 40, Josh Brolin once again confronted his own demon. It was an alcoholism habit.

The actor was repeatedly found drunk and disruptive. In 2013, he was arrested for fighting at a bar and had to go to rehab treatment center.

From then on, he vowed not to touch a single drop of alcohol for the rest of his life. But this late awakening did not save Josh Brolin’s 9-year marriage to actress Diane Lane. Josh Brolin admitted 2013 was a bad year of his life, and also a turning point for him to change.

Now Josh Brolin has got married to his beautiful assistant, who was 20-year-old younger than him.

The villain scares other superheroes

When he is ripe both in age and career, Josh Brolin is often familiar with the audience through his American cowboy style. Such roles in True Grit and No Country For Old Men made his mark on the screen.

Although he had been nominated for an Oscar 10 years ago, it is until now that Josh Brolin really peaked in fame when he played the villain in superhero movies. At the same time, Josh Brolin is taking on two roles: Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Cable in the Xmen Cinematic Universe.

Many people had wondered why he could join in the two rival Disney studios of Disney and 20th Century Fox. The answer was director of Deadpool 2 and president of Marvel Studios considered that Josh Brolin was so perfect with two roles. Therefore, they could not give that role to anyone else.

There was also another reason that with the role of Thanos, Josh Brolin’s character was processed visual effect carefully. Therefore, the audience was not easily confused between these 2 characters.

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