Who is Adele Dating in 2020?

Adele got divorced last year and after that, she got into a few dating rumors. So right now, who is Adele actually dating in 2020?

More than 4 months after filing for divorce, Adele is the main character of the dating rumors with Harry Styles. Even the former member of One Direction group is said to be the driving force for Adele’s determination to lose weight.

Recently, Woman’s Day New Zealand page surprised many people when posting an article about the relationship of Adele and a 6-year-old junior after she filed for divorce in mid-September. This sheet reveals the pair of British stars began to develop feelings on the trip to the Caribbean a few years ago. The two have been maintaining close friendships for a long time and until now, friendship has been diverted to a more romantic relationship. “This makes Adele see him in a different way. Their friendship has turned into a higher affection for the past few months. Adele’s increasing confidence in herself gives her more reason to believe; and she is ready to plunge into love again after a break,” a source told the publication.

He also mentioned that Harry Styles plays an important role in Adele’s spectacular weight loss. The two gradually developed feelings during the interaction with each other. The male singer born in 1994 is ready to share with his mother, share and even devise a training plan for her. The source also said Adele admitted she had a crush on her juniors. “They agreed not to put pressure on this relationship; and promised each other that if the love story fails, they will return to be friends,” the person added.

However, the above information made fans “believing, suspecting” by Adele that her son was the motivation for her to lose weight. Since then she has improved herself and got healthier. Currently, neither Adele nor Harry Styles has made a statement regarding the dating rumors. So we are not 100% sure whether Harry is who Adele dating in 2020. According to the International Business Times, Woman’s Day New Zealand is famous for stories based on anonymous and unreliable sources. So the information about the couple is probably just speculation. Therefore, fans Adele said they will wait for the female singer to speak out in person.

This is not the first time Adele has been in the rumors to be dating a new lover after filing for divorce businessman Simon Konecki. In October 1919, the Daily Mail reported that Adele then had an affair with rapper Skepta. Skepta is the ex-boyfriend of supermodel Naomi Campbell. However, these rumors quickly fell into oblivion. On the side of Harry Styles, before the rumor to be dating Adele, he had many lightning-fast love affairs; with a series of beauties such as Caroline Flack, Emma Ostilly, Emily Atack, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner …

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