Is Jaden Smith dating with Tyler, the Creator?

Being acclaimed the reputation for the child of talented actors Will Smith and won an MTV award for his performance in The Pursuit of Happyness, Jaden Smith doesn’t only attract the reports by his talent but also his private life. Currently, there are rumors that Jaden has dated Tyler the Reaction, the famous rapper with big hit Igor. There is an enormous shocking new!

Tyler the Creation- the rumored boyfriend of Jaden Smith

Tyler, The Creator was born on March 6, 1991, in Los Angeles, USA, as Tyler Okonma to a single mother. He is an American rapper who rises to fame as part of the music group Odd Future. In Old Future, Tyler undertakes almost steps from writing, producing, directing, and performing in the team’s product. After attending nearly all of Odd Future’s projects, Tyler showed him up as a solo rapper with his debut solo Bastard in 2009. He is a prestigious rapper who attains the Best Rap Album award at the 2020 Grammy Awards with his fifth album Igor. 

Tyler and Jaden- the best friend in the rap industry


Also, being a famous young rapper who got a lot of prestigious awards, Jaden Smith has a squat group, where some close friends shared their experiences of writing and performing. It is also where Jaden often meets his rumor boyfriend, Tyler.

In several occasion, when appears together, they usually are caught having some intimate and sweet actions for each other. However, Jaden Smith and Tyler have one thing in common that they have dated a variety of gorgeous ladies. There is the reason why their fans and media can’t recognize that the couple is really ‘serious’ about their relationship. 

The rumor that the Jaden Smith is dating with Tyler 

It was not until the beginning of May that Jaden Smith was rumor dating with the winning Grammy Tyler. At the end of 2019, the report said that they were attending some family’s private occasions. Furthermore, Jaden seemed to be more excited when non-stop called Tyler as his boyfriend. Especially On January 26, Sunday night, when Tyler won Grammy award and accepted his prize for IGOR, Jaden Smith frankly shared his enthusiastic feeling in his Twitter account. Jaden tweeted: ‘My boyfriend just won an Oscar.’ After the tweet, a media storm was spreading in confusion. However, Tyler still kept silent toward this new. So we can never be sure whether they are an item or not. 

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