Jaden Smith After Karate Kid

In 2010, when ‘The Karate Kid’ became a global phenomenon, critics then said “Little Dre” would one day become Hollywood’s second Jackie Chan …

Jaden Smith was born in 1998, the son of actor Will Smith and actress Jada Pinkett Smith. Born with a “silver spoon”, Jaden soon gained access to Hollywood cinema as well as inherited his acting skills from his parents.

The hope of Hollywood

After taking a cameo role in Men in Black II (2002), in 2006, Jaden Smith poised to act alongside his father in The Pursuit of Happiness. With his early talent, Smith won an award at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards for her role.

In 2010, the movie The Karate Kid with the story of a strange teacher named Han with a 12-year-old boy from the US – Dre Parker, starring Jackie Chan and Jaden. It brought in nearly $ 360 million in revenue, leaving far behind.

The floating film should be like a bright spot, unique, attractive without relying on the name of the old version in 1984. Jaden has a great and breakthrough role. Although only 12 years old, he not only acted naturally but also very methodical, professional. His diverse acting style reflects the role of many different emotions. Not only that, but Jaden Smith was also commented to have a special charm, rarely seen in other child stars. He acted not only in the martial arts scenes but also in the psychology of the characters.

After that summer, the “little Dre” boy became the idol of generations of students. Jaden started to have fans all over the world. Critics are proud of a bright future.

Fading under the shadow “Karate Kid”

Not only talented in acting, Jaden rap that year with Justin Bieber in the song Never Say Never as the theme song for the movie. The song really became a hit. Jaden then tried to get out of his parents’ shadow first by moving out. After “Super Child Karate”, he no longer appears in many roles. Instead, he was in sensational news such as dressing up, dating gay …

“Little Dre” wore dresses everywhere, so much so that on one of the shows Jada Pinkett shared that the couple started worrying about their son. “When my husband asked me, ‘Did you tell him?’ Why is she still wearing a skirt? “, I answered,” I told you already, it seems so fun to wear like that”.

Smith’s son thinks that this appearance and personality is a way of expressing a strong, different ego. He gradually opened a non-gender clothing brand, delighting in living and working his way.

Jaden once dated model Sarah Snyder, actress Amandle Sterberg. But in November 2018 during a performance, he unexpectedly admitted his gay relationship with rapper Tyler The Creator. He called Tyler his boyfriend and even said “I love him very much”. So many people didn’t know if he was telling the truth or just a joke.

Without significant artworks, Jaden lost fans and became faded in the public eye. Then recently, at the biggest music festival on Coachella planet with the participation of many famous singers such as Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Black Pink … Jaden suddenly appeared with a shocking appearance: hoodies pink, jagged hair tips dyed pink, especially gold-covered teeth older than age. Appearing with the new image, Jaden made fans wonder “Where is Little Dre from the old days?”.

There have been many Hollywood stars that flashed when they were very young but quickly lost their glory. We can mention Edward Furlong in Judgment Day, Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone (Home alone), or Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Porter.

Many people believe that getting famous too soon has “killed” Hollywood’s movie talents. Hollywood is the place where harsh races have made many superstars “quickly bloomed” and are unable to return to the race.

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