Michael B Jordan Scarface Rumour

Michael B Jordan Scarface rumour is all over the internet lately. According to Newsweek, Michael B. Jordan is being considered for the role of Tony Montana in the Scarface reboot.

Universal Pictures, the studio behind the film, has reportedly been trying to start the reboot for a long time. Now the film is going to happen and Luca Guadagnino, director and producer of Call Me by Your Name, will direct it.

Ever since the first “Scarface” movie was out more than 8 decades ago, American cinema still likes this gangster godfather in Chicago.

The famous movie of the same name by legendary director Howard Hawks in 1932 is the inspiration of Scarface. The Scarface 1932 version is the story of the famous American gangster Al Capone. Then Scarface (1983) features Tony Montana, an immigrant from Cuba to Florida (USA). Tony Montana then became a gangster amidst the drug boom in the 1980s.

The film is an extremely thorny and bloody fictional story. It depicts the process of Tony, an infamous gangster. Tony has ambitions and desires boil to the point of daring to do terrifying things. He has gradually climbed to the top of glory in the criminal underworld in Miami. Tony eventually collapsed in the style of Greek mythology tragedy.

Michael B Jordan was born on February 9, 1987, the second child in a family of three siblings. Michael studied acting at Newark Arts High School – where his mother taught painting. With a height of 1m82, Michael participated in basketball for the school’s team as well as modeling for many sports fashion brands. He is mostly popular for his role in Black Panther.

Michael B Jordan Scarface rumour hasn’t officially been confirmed yet for the role, but we can wait for updates.

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