Different Methods of Taking Care of Their Children Between Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.: From an addict to an exemplary father

The role of superhero Iron Man seems to be born for actor Robert Downey Jr. because they have many things in common.

During 11 years as Iron Man, Downey and his characters seem to have grown up together. In Avengers: Endgame, arrogant billionaire Tony Stark finally had a home with a lovely little daughter. Stark had known to leave behind all the mistakes and losses to enjoy a simple life with his family.

In real life, Robert Downey Jr. also puts his family first. He nearly lost his career after being arrested many times due to drug addiction. However, Robert finally found the light in his life after the marriage with producer Susan Downey.

Family life was more fulfilling when Susan gave birth to the son Exton in 2012. No matter how busy, the actor “Iron Man” still takes care of his son carefully.

In 2014, the Downey family welcomed their daughter Avri who was carefully protected by his parents and rarely appeared in front of the media.

During a vacation on the beach, cute moments of Robert and his daughter were caught by paparazzi.

More than just hugging her to sleep, Robert Downey Jr. gently placed a kiss on her forehead. Robert is a powerful actor on the screen, while he is a gentle dad in front of his daughter.


Chris Hemsworth: An idol admired by million fans still respects his family

If there were the best dad award for a member of the Avengers, it would certainly give to Chris Hemsworth. This Australian star is the father of three cute kids who were the result of his marriage to actress Elsa Pataky.

On the personal page of Chris and his wife, there are always full of photos that he cares for his three little angels.

But unlike Robert Downey Jr.’s gentle way of taking care of his child, the muscular “Thor” often jokes with his kids by being quite “violent.”

May be accustomed to holding a hammer, Chris Hemsworth once made fans panic with a shocking photo when he held his daughter India like this.

   Chris Hemsworth often juggles his daughter in public

In contrast to how to pet their children, Robert Downey Jr. once shared that Chris possessed an esper power that is to take care of children.

Regarding Chris Hemsworth, he considers his children as the whole world: “I want nothing more. Since having these children, other things are no longer important. Every moment I am with them is the most wonderful moment.”

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