Beyonce Love Story: From “Crazy in Love” To “Lemonade”

Let’s take a look at some milestones in the love story of Beyonce and Jay-Z to see how they go from “Crazy in Love” to “Lemonade”! 

Gone are the days when Beyoncé and Jay-Z sang each other sweet and cuddly words in “Crazy in Love”. “Lemonade,” the singer’s latest album, tells the other side of their relationship – married life with lies and forgiveness.

“Crazy in Love” – ​​When I first fell in love
Beyoncé and Jay-Z have known each other since 1997 when Bey was 18 and Jay was 31. However, the age difference did not affect their affection. The two maintained a friendship for many years before starting dating in 2001.

Although both of them are very tight-lipped in their relationship, perhaps the happiness in love won’t hide for long. In 2004, they publicly went on a date when they were dressed for the MTV Video Music Awards.

Their love is also expressed very strongly through music. In his debut album “Dangerously in Love”, Beyoncé dedicated the song “Crazy in Love” to write about Jay-Z, including a sweet paragraph like this: “Don’t even need to buy a new dress. You ain’t there, ain’t nobody else to impress. ”

After many years together, they officially became one of the most famous and powerful couples in the entertainment industry when they secretly married on 4/4/2008.

The wedding took place secretly, only about 30 people attended and no photos were revealed to the press. Until recently, fans were able to watch videos from their wedding during the “On the Run” tour and the music video for the song “Lemonade.”

After that, they often hand in hand on the red carpet, in basketball games and appear together on stage.

In 2012, the couple’s love became stronger and happier than ever when welcoming a new member with a special name, Blue Ivy.

Jay-Z expressed his love for her through the emotional song “Glory”: “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic. We were afraid disappeard disappear. But nah, baby, you magic. ”

“Lemonade” – The end?

However, the couple’s beautiful love story will probably end. Jay-Z’s affair scandal with Rihanna has put Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s marriage in trouble.

It seems that Beyoncé not only surprised the media and her fan community when launching the “Lemonade” blockbuster, but also sparked a wave of public opinion around the story of her husband’s promiscuous love, legendary rapper Jay -Z, and the “third person” is none other than Rachel Roy.

Rachel Roy was originally a designer co-founded by Jay-Z and his close friend (Damon Dash), who was co-founded by Rocawear & Roc-A-Fella Records. Later, Rachel married Damon and rose to creative director position at Rocawear, accompanied by a series of gossip with her husband’s best friend.

Before the release of “Lemonade”, Beyoncé was time and again silent in the media when asked about Jay-Z’s affair. However, “it seems that the diva of the music industry has been unable to keep” family matters “for herself. Not only did he use music to denounce men, Beyoncé also directly said: “He only needs me when I’m not there, so why not go and find a Becky girl That eye-catching hair? ”. And without the rumors, Rachel Roy claimed to be “the girl” on her personal page.

After the story of Aaliyah calmed down, Jay-Z continued to make the community unhappy. He constantly cheated on his wife with shady relationships with students Rihanna and Rita Ora. Although not officially denouncing her husband, but this time, Beyoncé released the single “Ring The Alarm” (2006), which made many people believe that the “third person” mentioned in this song was Rihanna. But the sighs of his wife still make Jay-Z change. During this time, the press repeatedly reported that Beyoncé and her husband were on the verge of marriage. This made fans extremely dissatisfied with her. However, both Rihanna and Rita Ora have dismissed all rumors of love with Jay. This made things once again temporarily settled down. And this is when the relationship between Rachel Roy and Jay-Z began “gouging” Beyoncé’s marriage. At this time, Rachel got a divorce with her husband (2009).

Before that, Solange had an argument with Rachel in a nightclub. It seems that because of this scandal, Jay-Z appeared to protect his lover. This caused his sister-in-law to rage in an elevator on the way out of the party after the Met Gala (2014). When the elevator door opened, it was Beyoncé’s chance to gloat. She walked in front of her husband with a contented smile and her younger sister was aggressively ahead. Jay-Z was hugging his face in pain before leaving the party in another car with his … bodyguard.

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