Sexy Girlfriends List of Brooklyn Beckham

1. Chloe Moretz

Actress Chloe Moretz was the first girlfriend of Brooklyn Beckham. Their love lasted 4 years since 2014. When they were passionate, this 9X couple was always together in various events and mentioned about their partner as sweet as possible. Beckham family was really satisfied his son’s girlfriend.

After breakup, Moretz often wore gaudy makeup and sexy clothes. She always appeared with cleavage dress at entertainment activities. 

However, the changing was assumed not suitable with this young lovely actress. Audiences love Moretz due to her image of a pretty and close princess.

2. Lexi Wood 

After the end up with Chloe Moretz, Brooklyn Beckham was caught kissing passionately with model Lexi Wood before a tatoo shop in West Hollywood. But this relationship did not last long either.

3. Lexy Panterra 

After less than a month since the breakup with Lexi Wood, Brooklyn Beckham was in the relationship with Lexy Panterra, who is 10-year older than him. However, this couple broke up due to distance relationship and different thought. 

Panterra’s height is 170cm and popular with her body-showing photo on Instagram.

4.  Alex Lee Aillon

5. Hana Cross
6. Phoebe Torrance
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