Beyonce House: What A Million Dollar Mansion Looks Like

House of celebrity is something we are always curious about. Today, let’s take a tour inside of Beyonce house.

She started her career as a member of the band Destiny’s child, but as the group disbanded and Beyonce split up to sing solo, she became more successful and the level of salaries increased.

Currently, if a program or music festival wants Beyonce to contribute, the organizer must accept about 3 million dollars (70 billion) for each performance. If Beyonce and her husband share a duet, the salary must be up to 5 million.

With a total assets of $ 1.26 billion, Beyonce and Jay Z own a super villa in Bel Air, Los Angeles is understandable.

Inside Beyonce 88 Million Dollar House

In August 2017, Jay Z and Beyonce spent $ 88 million to get a nearly 2,800 m2 villa located on a hillside in Bel Air, Los Angeles. Photo: Jim Bartsch.

Beyonce house has 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a 15-seat garage, staff accommodation, 4 swimming pools, a basketball court, and is surrounded by bulletproof windows.

The property is a smart home equipped with modern technology features to ensure safety and convenience.

The rooftop pool is one of the best relaxing places in the villa. There is a helicopter pad nearby, which means guests can take a dip in the pool before entering the house. Photo: Nimvo.

The outdoor area is great for building a fun corner for the kids of Jay Z and Beyonce. Photo: Nimvo.

The bathroom in the villa is an ideal place for these 2 stars to soak in and take in the scenery. Photo: Nimvo.

Guest bedrooms with airy views, sliding glass doors leading to the porch. Photo: Nimvo.

The spiral staircase inside the villa, with two sides made of wood and covered with a dark brown skin, and steps made from limestone. Photo: Nimvo.

The luxurious studio is like a medium-sized movie theater with large screens, advanced audio-visual equipment (AV), and comfortable furniture. Photo: Nimvo.

The spacious porch is nicely furnished but offers a beautiful view up to the skyline of Los Angeles. Photo: Nimvo.

In the original design, this was the main bedroom of the villa. But maybe Jay Z and Beyonce will add some details to make the room look more eye-catching. Photo: Nimvo.

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