Top 10 Jennifer Lopez Movies

Jennifer Lopez is not only a talented singer, but she is also successful in her acting career. Let’s take a look at top 10 Jennifer Lopez movies.

1. The Boy Next Door

One of Lopez’s more recent films, The Boy Next Door has all the makings of a great thriller. Lopez plays the older, naive wife who starts having an affair with the younger, attractive—you guessed it—guy next door. Things quickly start to go off the rails when Lopez’s character, Claire Peterson, decides to end things. Listen, who wouldn’t obsess over J. Lo? However, the stalker vibes just aren’t as disturbing as we saw in iconic movies like The Hand That Rocks the Cradle or Fatal Attraction. But, hey, a shirtless Ryan Guzman is great to ogle for two hours.

2. Jersey Girl

You’d think after the box office bomb that was Gigli, Affleck and Lopez would’ve taken the hint that fans loved seeing them on the red carpet, not so much on the big screen. Thankfully, since J. Lo is only in the 2004 film for a hot second, we’re ranking this one a tad higher than their first joint effort. It’s skippable, unless you want to watch cutesy moments between Liv Tyler and Affleck.

3. The Wedding Planner

The 2001 romantic comedy earns high marks for the unrivaled chemistry between Matthew McConaughey and Lopez. Although, the irony of a woman helping other couples plan their perfect day, only to spend her nights at home alone is not lost on us. Still, watching these two dance in Central Park, fumble with statues, and debate about Olivia Newton John gets better with every viewing.

4. The Back-up Plan

Lopez tackles pregnancy again in this 2010 rom-com. Just as she’s given up on love and finding a viable father for the baby she so desperately wants to have, Lopez’s character, Zoe, decides to move on to plan B and get a sperm donor. Problem is, she meets the incredibly hot Mr. Right at the same time she realizes she’s pregnant. J. Lo brings the pregnancy struggle, and actors Anthony Anderson and Melissa McCarthy bring the laughs.

5. Parker

We never knew we needed Lopez and English action star Jason Statham in a movie together until 2013’s Parker, a film derived from the 19th novel, Flashfire, by Richard Stark. Somehow, the duo works, with Lopez playing a depressed real estate agent still living with her mother. Things start to get a little more exciting, though, when she randomly links up with the title character, played by Statham. Of all the movies where Lopez gets to wield a gun at bad guys, this one is among her best. Or, we could just be suckers for an English accent.

6. Money Train

Money Train actually marks Jennifer Lopez debut in movies in 1995. She plays Grace Santiago, a newbie cop who gets involved with Wesley Snipes’s character, John. Ordinarily we’d root for the coupling. But the whole idea of John wanting to rob a money train on Christmas kind of gets in the way of Lopez’s character abiding to follow the law. If you can picture it, Snipes and Woody Harrelson are even more of a perfect combination than Snipes and Lopez.

7. Out of Sight

In the 1998 action drama, she plays a U.S. Marshal, and George Clooney has a longtime history of robbing banks. After he busts out of jail, Lopez’s character is assigned to his case. Naturally, she falls victim to Clooney’s charm and good looks. Ultimately, she has to decide if she wants to put her heart before her badge. Not only is it a great adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s eponymous novel, but we can’t imagine any movie with George Clooney not making top five.

8. Maid in Manhattan

The idea of a Latina being cast in the stereotypical role of a maid, cleaning up after rich, entitled hotel guests is problematic. But Maid in Manhattan makes up for it through Lopez’s fictional (and woke) son, Ty (played by Tyler Posey). In the movie, Ty challenges Lopez’s love interest and politician Chris Marshall (Ralph Fiennes) on his controversial policies affecting working class immigrants. Okay, that reads a little too serious for a rom-com. But by the movie’s end you’ll be crying and clapping for Lopez’s character, Marisa. Oh, and the stunning pink gown she rocks in the film, alone, is worth its top placement.

9. The Cell

Jennifer Lopez slays in so many scenes as psychologist Catherine Deane. Sometimes it looks more like one of her music videos or Vegas stage shows than something you’d see in theaters. Beyond that, watching her tap into the mind of a psychotic serial killer is scary-good.

10. Hustlers

This buzzy film tells the true story of a savvy group of strippers led by Roselyn Keo (Constance Wu) and Samantha Barbash (J.Lo), who swindled their (predominantly) wealthy Wall Street clients…. and a few who weren’t. Before the movie was even released in September 2019, Jennifer Lopez was praised for learning how to pole dance (she makes it seem effortless). But Hustlers is about more than J.Lo’s remarkable athleticism. And Hollywood has picked up on that. She’s scored a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination…so far.

Which one of these Jennifer Lopez movies do you like best?

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