Kristen Stewart Then and Now: After the Shadow of Twilight

Kristen Stewart is an American actress. She is best known for her success from the Twilight saga and the love story with co-star Robert Pattinson. In this April, she officially turned 30 years old with nearly 20 years of dedication to the movie industry.

Kristen Stewart was born in 1990 and raised in Los Angeles (USA). Her family worked in the entertainment industry. Her mother was Jules Mann Stewart, an Australian native, who supervised the script. She used to direct the movie that Kristen had participated in. His father, Mr. John Stewart, used to work as a stage manager and television producer for Fox.

Impressive in acting and appearance

Because her parents both worked in the 7th art, she fell in love and wanted to become a professional actress from her young age. When she finished 7th grade, she had to join distance learning to high school to have more time for filming. Her first role was at the age of 9, in the TV series The Thirteenth Year on the Disney Channel.

Kristen Stewart Then and Now: After the Shadow of TwilightThe Thirteenth Year

Since then, she had participated in many films and received many compliments on her acting ability. Significantly, she got two consecutive films gaining nominations for the Young Artist Award. They were Panic Room (2002), and Cold Creek Manor (2003). The New York Times commented on the role of Melinda Sordino in Speak (2004): “The young actress Kristen has created a completely convincing character. She fully depicted the pain and chaos of internal disorder.”

Kristen Stewart Then and Now: After the Shadow of TwilightPanic Room (2002)

Although she only appeared in a small role in the movie Into The Wild (2007), Stewart got high appreciation. “Intense and emotional acting” were compliments of the newspaper Salon for Kristen. In the meanwhile, the Chicago Tribune newspaper said that she had done a great job in character sketching.” Her other role in The Cake Eaters screened at the Austin Film Festival in 2007 got praise as “truly shining” from The Arizona Republic newspaper.

Kristen Stewart Then and Now: After the Shadow of Twilight

A year later, turning 18 with stunning beauty, the American actress really rose to the ranks of stars. She took on the role of Bella Swan in Twilight Saga. The movie earned $407 million worldwide in 5 months of release. During this time, she and the handsome male lead Robert Pattinson fell in love with each other. The two started dating, drawing more attention from the fans and the media. The sequels of the movie were New Moon (2009), Eclipse (2010), Dawn 1 (2011), and Dawn 2 (2012) were all very successful. Thereby, it was not too difficult to understand why she had such a deep impression on film critics and audiences so much.

Kristen Stewart Then and Now: After the Shadow of Twilight

Unexpected changes

The end of the famous series above was also the end of the love between her and Robert Pattinson. Unfortunately, Kristen was the “traitor” in the beautiful love. She was caught kissing the married director Rupert Sanders by paparazzi. The two later admitted to “adultery” and apologized to the two sides. “The person I love and value the most is Rob. I love him. I am truly sorry,” Steward said.

She gradually became the focus of criticism after the affair above. Years later, Kristen Stewart openly declared herself homosexual. Kristen paused commercial projects and focused on independent films. She constantly disclosed same-sex relationships. Her fashion style had changed too. Her image and ability in acting were also different.

Kristen Stewart Then and Now: After the Shadow of Twilight

It seems that all previous “imprints” from her fans and media have been “broken”. Now they only pay attention to her private life through same-sex relationships. Her action-packed commercials like Charlie’s Angels (2019) or Underwater (2020) all had very low sales. Acting ability no longer received compliments like the day before. It can be seen that the audience is still not “familiar” with this tomboy image of this 30-year-old actress. So it would be difficult to leave emotions in the audience.

Charlie’s Angels (2019)

However, becoming a homosexual makes her much happier. By living “real” with herself, she once said: “I’m not sad anymore. I was able to break free from others’ constraints and now I feel like I am alive again.” Her latest project is a romantic comedy called Happiest Season. The movie is expected to premiere on November 25, 2020, with the participation of the actress Mackenzie Davis in Terminator.

Mackenzie Davis & Kristen Stewart

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