Kristen Stewart “Addicts” to Show her Bras

Kristen Stewart is so similar with sporty and strong image, Recently, she has been keen on fashion style of showing bras. When being a guest at Good Morning America program, the actress matched a gray suit with a ton sur ton bra. The bra is designed with deep cut out together with short vest have shown her sturdy waist.  

In a previous event, Kristen Stewart wore a yellow suit and uncovered her left shoulder to highlight her white bra. She is so successful to leave the girly image of Bella in movie Twilight.  

In photos above, Stewart chose a safe match when wore vest and bra with the same color.  

The style brings a sexy and open-minded vibe for people who dress like this. Kristen Stewart is a popular face obtaining a lot of compliments for her style and image.

Kristen Stewart looked cooler when mixing jacket and bra in a film festival. It has been a long time since Kristen dressed a girly dress. 

Recently, GQ Magazine for men called Stewart as “Symbol of Queer” (another term to call LGBT people).

This beauty not only looks sexy in lace bra but also looks elegant thanks to great mix and match with other items. She has been a KOL of Chanel for a long time with highend and luxurious fashion style. After Charlie’s Angels, Kristen Stewart is joining in 2 new movie projects including Under Water and Happiest Season. In addition, she will write scenario for a product transformed from novel The Chronology of Water. At the present, Stewart is the richest young female celebrity at Hollywood with the fortune cost approximately 70 million USD.

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