Robert Downey Jr. Confirmed that Iron Man Could Come Back to the MCU

When being asked about Iron Man’s return in the MCU, Robert Downey Jr. had given the answer which made many audiences happy.


21 movies since 2008 of the MCU had come to an end when Avengers: Endgame was released. Fans knew that the series Infinity Saga came to the end when they watched Iron Man to sacrifice his life to stop Thanos’ army and save the entire universe.


It can be said that the success of this universe today depends largely on the success of the Iron Man movie released in 2008. At that time, Tony Stark became one of the most favorite characters on the big screen. Although saying goodbye to this character is indispensable after 11 years, a lot of fans were not familiar with this.

Iron Man 2008


However, this is the Marvel universe so anything could happen. There is still an opportunity for Iron Man to return on the big screen and actor Robert Downey Jr. himself also agreed with that thought.

Iconic image in MCU


Robert Downey Jr. along with his wife Susan had an interview with Extra to promote the latest movie he starred in which was Dolittle. By the way, the interviewer did not forget to ask what most MCU fans had asked him that whether he would return in the upcoming MCU.

Dolittle was the latest movie that Robert Downey Jr. joined in


Robert happily replied, “Yes, everything could happen, I really enjoy it …”. Talking about this, his wife interrupted then jokingly said that after his answer, the return of Iron Man in the Marvel Universe is something that fans will start discussing from now on. After that, Robert Downey Jr. Only clarified that he was not sure what would happen in the future: “I have put up the gun and I am ready to give up this role. I think Marvel is on a new journey and they are trying to do a lot of things. I am extremely excited about being able to witness what the next story is going. It is really hard to predict.”


Initially, there were many rumors that Robert Downey Jr. will take on the guest role in the movie Spider Man: Far From Home through 3D images, but then it did not happen. However, that idea was instilled in the minds of fans, and they were always looking forward to seeing the return of Iron Man even in few seconds on the big screen.

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