Rihanna and Drake: A Complicated Relationship

Rihanna and Drake are not together at the moment, but their relationship for sure was complicated.

After more than 7 years of making friends and fans confused, Drake publicly confessed to Rihanna at the 2016 VMAs awards ceremony. After all, they were officially together. Hollywood Life revealed that the couple had wanted a baby despite not having thought of getting married. The good news was spread, making fans happy for a beautiful couple who have been in love after 7 years of being “friends” because a true love in showbiz is very rare nowadays.

But suddenly after that, the source confirmed that Rihanna and Drake had gone their separate ways. They said that the love of both were not really big enough to tie together in a relationship. “Currently Rihanna and Drake are meeting other people. They are no longer a couple bound together. They still love each other, but busy schedules have hindered that love. Anything, though, can change. They are still present in each other’s lives. “

In this interview, for the first time in years, the owner of the hit “Diamonds” – who has had a complicated relationship with Drake since May 2009 – was asked about the status of the relationship. theirs at the present time. Rihanna is said to have “grimaced” when the name of the male rapper was mentioned and recalled the scandalous moment of the couple at the VMA 2016 awards ceremony – where he expressed his love when awarding Michael Jackson. Video Vanguard Award (VMA achievement award) for female singer on stage. Rihanna shares:

“VMA is an award ceremony that is extremely focused by the fans, so at that time everyone was looking at me, receiving that energy, and knowing which artists have ever received it. This award in the past, made me realize this was a really no joke. Waiting for him [Drake] to finish his speech was probably the most frustrating part. many compliments I don’t like being the focus.”

Although there were always rumors of complicated and confusing relationship between the couple for a long time, especially during the period of promoting “Work” – the collaboration song between Riri and Drake, it seemed It is the past. The singer added, “We are no longer friends, but we are not enemies. It is just that.”

Recently, singer Drake held an intimate party to mark the new age with friends and members of OVO. Most notably, old Rihanna also appeared in this special party. According to E! News, Drake and Rihanna talked, laughed and laughed with each other in a very natural and intimate way after announcing “everyone’s way”. This move of the couple could not help but surprise fans, even rumors that the two have a chance to reunite.

According to a source familiar with the matter, when the interview was published, Drake seemed surprised: “Drake felt hurt when Rihanna turned away from him like that. He still has feelings for her. So, knowing that she no longer even considers him a friend is very painful. He feels shocked and disappointed. “

Nearly two years ago, when breaking up with Drake, RiRi once claimed that the two are no longer friends but not enemies. So Rihanna’s appearance at Drake’s party also does not show that the two of them have an intimate relationship. Currently, Rihanna and her boyfriend billionaire Hassan Jameel have also been dating seriously for more than 2 years. She also once told Vogue that she is having a very serious love affair.

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