Grant Gustin and the Love Story with Andrea Thoma

“The Flash” Grant Gustin is not only a superhero on the screen but also a romantic husband. The love story between Grant Gustin and Andrea Thoma is strongly supported by many audiences. Let’s look at this cute relationship. 

The love story between an actor and a doctor

Gustin is best known for his role as Sebastian Smythe in music film Glee and as Barry Allen/ The Flash in 2 series Arrow and Flash of The CW, while Andrea works as a physical therapist. 

Grant Gustin and the Love Story with Andrea Thoma Her real name is Andrea L Thoma. She was born on July 11, 1988 in Malaysia (2 years older than GG). She graduated from Kent State University in 2009, then went on to a Ph.D. at Old Dominion University.

When studying at LA Thoma High School, Andrea was also a famous girl in her school. She also used to be a freelance model who loved music and also had the ability to sing.

 Grant Gustin and the Love Story with Andrea Thoma

Andrea emerged as an “Instagram‘s star” after publicizing her relationship with Grant Gustin in January last year. Now, she is having more than 706k followers on this social network.

GG and LA’s love story has progressed quite well. After breaking up with ex-girlfriend Hannah in 2015, the fans later realized the photos posted on his Instagram account with the GG’s implied caption. Grant Gustin often visited Andrea’s family whenever he had free time, and she always appeared to support his family at the studio whenever he could. Gustin also celebrated his 27th birthday next to this girl.

Facing the problem for his proposal

After dating for a while, Gustin wanted to pop the question. He had planned for a proposal in Costa Rica where his movie shoot was tended to be in this area. However, the movie schedule was delayed, so his proposal plan got ruined. 

Finally succeeding in his proposal

After the first plan was canceled, Grant realized that he could not wait anymore. He decided to arrange his time to ask for Mrs. Gustin’s hand on the beach. He planned his proposal as a surprise. Gustin suddenly pulled out the ring when getting down on his knee. They then officially engaged in happiness. 

Grant Gustin and the Love Story with Andrea Thoma

Marrying two times

They finally had a happy wedding at ‘The Valentine’, Downtown, LA. It was a familiar venue since the 1920s for close family and actors around. 

Grant Gustin and the Love Story with Andrea Thoma

They held their wedding ceremony one more time in Malaysia as a wonderful Kadazan woman. Grant Gustin was overwhelmed when he met Andrea’s large family.

Hope that they could always enjoy their sweet love like that!

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