Arnold Schwarzenegger Praised His Son-in-law Chris Pratt

Arnold Schwarzenegger has shared about Chris Pratt, who was the husband of his daughter. The former California governor spent many positive words to talk about the character and talent of his beloved son-in-law.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Praised His Son-in-law Chris Pratt

When receiving many questions regarding his relationship with Chris Pratt, Arnold Schwarzenegger did not hesitate to make positive and cheerful remarks about his son-in-law as well as his colleague. “I think he is a very devoted actor, Chris works hard and has good condition. He is really talented. In particular, he is a great man for my daughter, this is more important.”

Arnold continued: “Chris Pratt is a good man. It’s great when someone has a vision, knows their goals in life, and then plans to reach the finish line. In addition, they also need a good attitude to succeed.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Praised His Son-in-law Chris Pratt

Since Chris Pratt became a part of the famous Schwarzenegger family, many viewers have expressed their desire to enjoy a movie with the participation of both Arnold and Chris. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger said he did not dare to say it in advance. He and Chris Pratt had never mentioned it. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger officially became Chris Pratt’s father-in-law in June 2019 when Chris married Katherine Schwarzenegger. Earlier, Hollywood media also regularly reported on the dating of them. The couple was first seen dating in June 2018. Then they engaged in early 2019 and officially married six months later.

In fact, Chris Pratt gets on well with the Schwarzenegger family very much because it was Katherine’s mother who introduced him to her daughter. Besides, Arnold always expressed his enthusiastic support for Chris Pratt, his daughter’s choice.

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