Bruno Mars’ Girlfriend: Jessica Caban

When we hear passionate songs of Bruno Mars, we usually wonder where the inspiration comes from. The answer is Bruno Mars’ girlfriend.

Bruno Mars (real name: Peter Gene Hernandez) turned 34 in October. Nearly a decade of musical activity, he has three studio albums and won 11 Grammy Awards. With mixed Filipino and American blood, Bruno shared that he wants to travel the world, use music to support people, make them better.

Bruno Mars pursues the school of perfection for his music. In 2012, after the hit series of his second album Unorthordox Jukebox, he spent four quiet years preparing for his third album – 24K Magic. Rolling Stone magazine identified four years as too long a time for a pop singer not to launch a new product that still exists in the harsh music market. However, Bruno still kept the charisma, was well received by the audience.

Bruno started dating Jessica Caban in 2011. However, they only appear together in events, do not show much affection through the press or social networks.

Who is Jessica Caban – Bruno Mars’ Girlfriend?

Jessica Marie Caban is an American model and actress. She was born on June 13, 1982, in New York. Jessica is of Puerto Rican ethnicity, and she grew up in Spanish Harlem with one older sibling. 

Bruno allegedly spotted the brunette beauty in a New York restaurant and was so smitten that he approached her. The rest is history, and the two have stayed together for the past eight years. Jessica is older than Bruno by four years, but their age gap has made no difference in their relationship. She even moved from New York to Los Angeles after their first year of dating, so they could spend more time together!

Though the couple doesn’t talk a lot about their relationship, Jessica’s official Instagram and Snapchat is full of sweet posts with her boyfriend. Bruno has also opened up about his GF in a couple of interviews. In a May 2013 chat with Rolling Stone, Bruno revealed that the painful track When I Was Your Man was about Caban, written during a time when he was afraid she would leave him. That was all he wanted to reveal, as Bruno said immediately after, “I’m not answering any questions about this song. It’s too close to home.

It was a rare moment when Bruno let his guard down, but it’s clear that even though he’s keeping his lips sealed, they’re still very much in love! You have to admire the famous musician for keeping his love life private.

What do you think about Bruno Mars’ girlfriend?

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