Katy Perry First Appearance While Being 7 Month Pregnant

About two months ago, Katy Perry surprised fans when she suddenly announced she was pregnant with her first child. As the singer wishes, the baby is a princess. She and Orlando Bloom will welcome a new member this summer. During this time, Katy still regularly live-stream to interact with fans and share about her pregnancy.

Recently, the newly promoted couple attracted attention when they had funny actions while shopping at the supermarket. Katy and Orlando both wear comfortable clothes, hats, masks, and gloves to protect their health. However, the audience is not difficult to recognize the joy and excitement of the two. Rarely being allowed to go out, the couple even joked around and performed somewhat confusing actions. In particular, the singer also made the attention when publicly “touching” her boyfriend to the point where Orlando was “exposed” in public. Fans can only know helplessness with Katy, always beautiful sister can play pranks!

What Katy Perry fans most expect now is probably the wedding of singer and actress Orlando Bloom. This talented couple started dating in 2016 and after 3 years, they were engaged. After the engagement, Katy reduced the frequency of the operation a lot – which made the fans somewhat impatient and impatient. And after the “hidden time” period, the singer returned with a teaser for the new song.

In the short teaser, Katy surprised the people with her beauty. Notably, some viewers have seen some pretty “suspicious” scenes. At the same time, viewers can clearly see her belly protruding from the skirt. Back in 2019, the Orlando actor once shared that he wanted to have children with Katy. And not disappointing, Katy officially confirmed to Dailymail that she was pregnant and announced the good news through the MV.

We are so excited to see their baby!

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