Beyonce Kids: How Are They Now?

After many scandals about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s family, it is safe to say that now Beyonce has a happy family with 3 kids. How are Beyonce kids now?

Beyonce’s oldest kid, Blue Ivy Carter won another award

In the video for the song “Brown skin girl”, Blue Ivy Carter contributed a few sentences at the end. This is a collaborative work between Beyonce, WizKid & Saint John. Carter and Blue Ivy Carter. “Brown skin girl” is in the album “The lion king: the gift” released in July 1919 and ranked 76 in the Billboard Hot 100.

“Brown skin girl” has surpassed many other nominated names in the “BET Her” category such as Alicia Keys, Ciara, Layton Green, Lizzo, Rapsody to win the final. Blue Ivy Carter set a record as the youngest female singer in the history of BET awards.

Before winning the BET award, Beyonce’s daughter became the youngest person to win the 51st NAACP Image Award.

Beyonce for her daughter to appear in music products quite soon. She appeared in the music video “Spirit” – also the soundtrack of the “Lion King”.

Blue Ivy Carter is expected to follow her parents to become superstars because she herself loves singing and has a good environment to develop her career in the future.

Beyonce’s twin kids: Rumi Carter and Sir Carter

On February 1, 2017, she announced her twin pregnancy on Instagram. The post has attracted more than 6 million likes within 8 hours, becoming the fastest like post by that time.

Since the announcement of the good news, Beyonce has appeared less frequently in events. She had to give up planning to attend the Coachella music festival. However, with some big events like the Grammy Awards, the singer still tried to participate.

On July 13, 2017, she posted the first picture of the twins as well as the announcement that the twins were born a month earlier, June 13, 2017, named Rumi and Sir Carter. The twins were born at the Ronald Reagan Health Center UCLA, California, and Rumi was born before Sir.

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