Matt Damon’s Daughters Really Have A Happy Family

Matt Damon’s daughters seem to have a very happy family. Matt’s small family has 6 members with 3 beautiful princesses Sabella; Gia Zavala and Stella.

He has received two Golden Globes, an Oscar, and was voted the most attractive man on the planet. Matt Damon is also among the few Hollywood stars with an amazing IQ, up to 160 (equivalent to the IQ of famous British Physics Professor – Stephen William Hawking).

Unlike many people think, as an attractive movie star, Matt Damon chose to ignore the gorgeous girls in the showbiz world to marry Luciana Barroso, a very “normal” girl.

Matt Damon is the type of actor who is willing to sacrifice fame for simple things. The father of four children makes all career decisions based on the “family first” priority. If it is not possible to arrange a visit to his wife and children within a few weeks, Matt Damon often takes the “electoral union” along during filming. It’s rare for a celebrity, even more, famous like Matt Damon, to be willing to miss the best opportunities just to be close to the kids, take them to the prom, learn to swim, prepare snacks for them. when they come home from school …

Matt’s family has a very special rule that they are never apart for more than 2 weeks. So, the matter where Matt went to film, the family was there became too familiar with the film crew. Ever since Matt got married, he didn’t like to congregate with close friends without his wife and kids. The reason he gave was: “I simply want to go home”. There are rumors from Hollywood that, when converging with Brad Pitt in “Ocean’s 11”, Matt is free to go to your best friend to learn experience … change a baby’s diaper. Even Luciana’s ex-husband admired Matt and said, “No stepfather is as good as him.”

Together to overcome the crisis

Matt has been protecting his wife and small family for over 14 years from media scrutiny. However, there are still malicious rumors about the split between Luciana and Matt due to the drama surrounding Matt’s best friend Ben Affleck. Rumors surfaced after the paparazzi photographed the couple outside a psychotherapy room. The tabloids claimed that the couple decided to go to psychotherapy because of marriage issues. However, the truth then was that Matt had to go to therapy after the shock of the death of his father.

The Damon family recently left Hollywood for Byron Bay to rest after 12 months of turmoil, especially after Matt lost his beloved father to cancer.

When asked what the secret to a successful marriage in Hollywood was, Luciana said she had no secret. She just knew that the two of them meeting each other was really a great luck and they appreciated that. Matt is a good father, they sympathize, respect each other. Luciana is really proud of the man of her life.

It is rare for a celebrity like Matt Damon to ignore frivolous things and stay close to the children. Is it because of IQ 160 that he knows where to enjoy his true happiness from?

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