How is Scarlett Johansson preparing for the new movie Black Widow 2020?

This year 2020 the audience will see the return of Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson. Certainly, this woman’s image is not only strong but also equally sexy in every way. Returning in part 1, she talked about the hellacious training to serve the role of the heroine Black Widow. From that, the audience can somewhat guess her training level for the next filming of season 2  Black Widow.

The movie will focus on Natasha’s past, which relates to her enemies. Therefore, she has no choice but has to fight for herself and for the ones she loves.

What we can see in the trailer Black Widow 2 is full of chasing footages or action scenes that require Scarlett Johansson gets a hard and solid body shape. Playing the part of a fearless female superhero, Scarlett Johansson must follow the Marvel food plan as the same in her initial part.

Specifically, she has to divide her meal into some clear periods and control her diet. If her last meal in a day at 9 pm, she will not eat anything before 9 am. Before practicing fitness routine, she just eats eggs, vegetable and some other suitable. Within a couple of days before shooting, she has to eat low-carb to get a perfect shape. Moreover, Scarlett Johansson has to do her fitness routine under her gym instructor. The martial arts scenes shown on the screen can prove that Scarlett must dedicate all her heart to the beautiful and equally dangerous martial arts scenes. Every day she does different exercises of workout which helps her fix with Black Widow costume. It is simply to say that Scarlett Johansson is gradually obtaining a perfect body that will fix 100 percentage for her standalone film.

Not only being a Hollywood superstar, but she is also a 6-year old daughter mom. Apart from spending her time practicing and preparing for her role, she takes care of her 6-year old daughter, Rose. That requires her balance and flexibility. Every day she begins her work before her daughter gets up until she goes to bed with her dear.

However, these days with the coronavirus outbreak, MCU decided to delay the Black Widow release date worldwide. To ensure the number of audiences and to prevent coronavirus from spreading among people as well, this action of Marvel is understandable.


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