Ariana Grande and Mac Miller: She Will Never Forget Him

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller relationship is probably the one even fans can never forget, let alone Ariana Grande.

With the talented rapper Mac Miller, Ariana Grande will probably forever regret and miss because now will not be able to meet and ask questions like close friends anymore. Why is that? Because Mac was no more, though his music still echoed and his figure still existed in Ariana’s nostalgia.

When they first met in 2013 when they worked together on The Way, the hustle and bustle also started from that time. After more than 3 years of confession, Mac Miller and Ariana Grande finally publicly started dating. Both always give each other the attention and showing affection in crowded people make everyone super jealous!

So beautiful, so sweet, but in the end they broke up in the regret of everyone. Despite this, both still care about each other and close as close friends. It was not long before Mac Miller died of a drug shock that left Ariana in regret and fell into a great mental shock.

Ariana Grande will never forget Mac Miller

Ariana Grande once post on Instagram a story, a short line of words “6 years” with a small white heart symbol on the bottom. Although Ariana didn’t mention a name directly, netizens knew that the person she was referring to was none other than Mac Miller. Knowing this, fans could not help but admire the deep affection that Ariana has for Mac along with everything that both of them have done together, from songs to memories.

The two had exchanged warm moments until May 2018 when the couple officially announced their relationship. And after only 4 short months since the day they broke up, Mac Miller had an accident. And that was the last time the whole world ever saw him. Ariana was shocked when the news spread to her.

It is known that this is not the first time the Pop superstar mentioned her unlucky boyfriend. On the night of the opening tour for the album Sweetener, Ariana commemorated Miller by playing his compositions as fans waited for the show to begin. Not only that on the night of the Grammy Awards 2019, she also wore a blue dress as mentioned in the song that Miller composed Cinderella for the “little diva”.

Not stopping there, in January 1920 Grande posted a tweet on Twitter but hurriedly deleted it, saying, “Miss you”.

What a sad love story. Mac Miller will probably always be present in the life of Ariana Grande in everything she does, from songs to memories.

Perhaps a very long time later, singer Dangerous Woman can forget the love affair with Mac Miller.

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