Nicole Kidman reappeared in TV miniseries ‘Undoing’ 2020

The ‘Undoing’ trailer 2 that was released in March 9 brings an intriguing feeling to not only HBO’s fan but also to Nicole Kidman’s fandom. In addition to it, the mysterious official trailer released 2 months ago. We desperately can’t wait for watching this new action-drama series of Kidman.

 Throughout a lot of successful roles from a Queen Atlanta in the superhero film ‘Aquaman‘(2018), Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson in box-office ‘Bombshell’(2019) to Celeste Wright lead characters in HBO’s hit drama series ‘Big Little Lies’, Nicole Kidman proves that she is definitely a flexible actress. She can embody any character not just in movies but in TV series

After having an excellent cooperation with HBO in the series’ Big Little Lies’ 2017 and gaining Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress, Nicole Kidman comes back to carved out her role on television. Alongside with Hugh Grant, and the other promising actors in the upcoming series ‘Undoing’. This will be a great project due to the co-working with writer David E.Kelley. He is the one who took part as the main writer for Big Little Lies. In addition to it, Susanne Bier would direct every episode of the series and serve as an executive producer.


Nicole Kidman and HBO staff

Directed by Susanne Bier and written by David E.Kelley, ‘Undoing’ illustrates the perfects life of a married couple ( Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant), whose seemingly gets worse after a string of mysterious events happens. Nicole Kidman stars as Grace Sachs- a talented therapist who is in her brink of publishing her first book. Together with her husband( Hugh Grant) and her son is a happy family. However, a week before the publishing day, a violent death appears. Follows it is a chain of terrible revelations, and her husband suddenly missing.

With the appearance of Hugh Grant, we have a strong feeling that this TV series would be a triumphant project. We satisfied to see these two actors play off each other. Nevertheless, the contribution of the promising casts such as Edan Alexander, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Matilda De Angelis would be a big plus for this kind of film. And of course, Nicole Kidman is a veteran among them, definitely will be stand out point.


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