If “Superman” of Henry Cavill Appeared in “Black Adam”?

In a recent interview, when being asked if Superman, the symbol of DC heroes, will appear in movie Black Adam, producer Hiram Garcia shared: “I think DC is a wonderful galaxy and we are ready to make everything happen. We are friends of Henry; in fact, Dwayne and Henry are friends in real life too. This is a well-known comic series and I always love the idea that 2 characters have a fight, which is really great!”

Nhà sản xuất Hiram Garcia

Although Gracia has not confirmed that we would see the fighting between 2 core characters of DC, at least he has mentioned about this detail and expressed his excitement, which could be considered as a good sign. 

Black Adam by The Rock

In the meanwhile, DC has revealed that they are having plans and huge expectation for establing a movie for Black Adam. In addition, this studio has also aimed at a movie for “Last son of Krypton. In current DC galaxy, Superman is known as the stronggest superman on eart. Therefore, it is difficult in setting up a character having enough strength to fight with him.  

There has been a rumor that Henry Cavill will not play the role of Superman anymore recently. However, it is Henry who rejected this rumor and claimed that “red coat of Superman” was still in his wardrobe.

If Superman is not the main competitor of Black Adam, the role of guest character could satisfy his fans also. Furthermore, his appearing in Black Adam may be a premise for DC to develop next movie of Superman.  

As everyone knows that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will perform Black Adam, who is an enemy of Shazam. In the origin of comic, they have had various combats and Shazam always need Superman to support him. 

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