Henry Cavill Used to Loose “007” Due to Being Overweight

Frank assessment when casting 007 spy made Henry Cavill feel very grateful because it was the first time he recognized that his body shape was a boundary for his acting career. 

In an interview, Henry Cavill revealed his impressive route to loose weight. In 2005, when searching actor for James Bond in “Casino Royale”, Cavill was one of final candidates. However, this character was given to Daniel Craig, which made Henry too disappointed.

Frank assessment from casting director Martin Campbell that Henry was a little bit “portly” was the motivation for his muscular transformation. At first, loosing the character and getting negative comment about his appearance made Henry Cavill upset. 

However, after all, Henry actually felt grateful for these honest comments because he did not have a balanced diet and exercise. “I should have prepared well for that casting and I still remember words of casting director Martin Campbell: “You look a little bit portly, Henry.” I am really happy because Mr. Martin told it to me directly, which helped me to become better and more perfect.”

Henry Cavill also shared that he was always blamed for his weight since he was a teenager. “Since being a child, I was overweighed and just admitted it was my gene and did not have any effort to change.”

At present, Henry Cavill is a “muscular” actor and well-known for Superman charcater in various movies such as “Man Of Steel” (2013), “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (2016), and “Justice League” (2017).

In every action movie, Henry Cavill always expects his appearance to be in the best condition to serve his character. However, he does not think himself to be in list of hit actors. He just feels proud of his success of body changing.  

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