Handsome Hollywood Stars Gain Weight

1. Brendan Fraser

In the late 1990s, Fraser used to dominate Hollywood movie with strong muscular body, which could catch audience’s attention easily. 

However, after many injuries, the actor had to visist hospitals during 7 years to decline pressure on spinal cord, nerves, and to replace a part of his knee before totally canceled risky scenes in 2008.

In addition, he used to be sexual abuse as well as live in an unhappy family, which made him be spiritually exhausted.


2. Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio had been famous for his elegant appearance. However, after many yeaars in entertainment field, “Jack” clearly gained weight with abdominal fat and straggly beard. Various fans have called him to hit the gym to get his handsome back.


3. Taylor Lautner

Taylor used to be a symbol of muscle in Hollywood. The character werewolf Jacob Black who “addicted” to topless used to make girlfans go crazy.  

However, after many movie projects causing disappointment, Lautner faced difficulty in shining at Hollywood. He ignored to keep his shape, which made audience surprised when seeing the transformation from a muscular handsome man to a belly one. 


4. Jude Law

Sherlock Holmes star used to be a symbol of UK handsome gentleman besides many scandals of flirtation. In fact, he is still a womanizer at his age of 46. Paparazzi often catch his debauched and immoral life in overnight bars. 


5. Russell Crowe

At the age of 55, Russell Crowe, an Oscar-gaining star, has overweighed and become aging. No longer along with the image of a strong muscular gladitor, he is now a beer belly uncle. 

In an interview, he shared that he used to addict to smoking heavily when he could even smoke 60 cigrattes per day during 63 years.


6. Val Kilmer

Actor of Batman Forever used to be a bright Hollywood star in the 1980s. It is at matter of course that no one could stand on the peak forever. When his career was in the declining stage, his appearance became to fall as well.

In 2011, audiences was shocked when Val Kilmer revealed his weight was 123 kg at that time. He tried to practice exercises but it failed. 


7. Steven Seagal

American action star used to keep his fit shape with strong muscle thanks to practice martial arts during the 1980-1990s. Moreover, professional fighters came to him as a master. It should be mentioned 3 UFC champions Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, Lyoto Machida as remarkable examples. However, the age has made Steven Seagal unfit with the weight up to 136 kg.

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