Dwayne Johnson Let his Girlfriend Wait for him During 13 Years

Actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson admitted that he had hesitated for a long time up to 13 years before getting married the second time with Lauren Hashian due to his previous divorce.  

This 47-year-old actor shared on WSJ magazinee: “The divorce is a big injury for me. I do not afraid of getting married one more time, but I still hesitated. Lauren was so patient to wait for me. She said: “I love you and you love me. We are living happily together. Don’t need to hurry.

Dwayne Johnson first met Lauren Hashian in 2006 when filming the movie The Game Plan. They have been dated for 13 years and had 2 daughters including Jassmine (3 years old) and Tiana (1 year old) before getting married in August 2019.  

The Rock said: “When met each other, I was processing the divorce with Dany Garcia, while Lauren had just broken up with her boyfriend. It was a fate that when we don’t plan to find anything but the strength of galaxy brought us together.”  

Johnson was impressed at first sight by Lauren’s bright beauty. One year later, they officially dated each otheer. Also in 2007, Dwayne Johnson completed the divorce document with his ex-wife. Bodybuilding trainer Dany Garcia and him had lived with each other for 10 years (1997-2007) and had a daughter.

After a long time of hesitation for the next wedding, Dwayne Johnson had a dream wedding with Lauren Hashian. He was so happy when told about his simple but romantic wedding ceremony on Hawaii coach this summer. They just invited 10 guests and there was no paparazzi. 

Lauren Hashian, the second wife of Dwayne, is a singer songwriter with the background of a music family. Since her dating with Dwayne, Lauren has pursued a peaceful life to support their little family. She often shares many cozy moments beside Dwayne and their children on Instagram. 

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