Angelina Jolie loving affair complete

Angelina Jolie is wildly admitted being one of a powerful  woman who really got attention when she were just a young actress, when she did not get reputation about hot movie but a peculiar and amorous character.

The first gay loving is Jenny Shimizu- one of a famous Japanese model via actress.

News of the World published an interview with Jenny in 2006. The 40-year-old model used to have relationships with both singers Madonna and Rebecca Loos – the assistant who once made the player David Beckham suffer because of the love scandal. According to Jenny, Angelina Jolie never refrains from being gay because “she likes to cope with danger and discover secret things”

Angelina and Jenny Shimizu first met in 1996, while filming Foxfire. They play the rebellious young women. At the time, Angie was 19 and married to actor Jonny Lee Miller. She admitted she was in love with Jenny right after meeting. “I was surprised to find myself when meet that girl too. Before that I just liked men. I wanted to kiss and touch her.”

Than 10-year-old Angie, Jenny said, she and her co-star came together right after the filming ended. The first night in the hotel, they stopped at a passionate kiss. After that day, they got closer and wanted to go further. At first, Angie was very confused, but she quickly improved under the guidance of her lover. This relationship lasts 10 year discontinuously and officially end up when Jolie decide to get married to Brad Bitt.

The first husband: Jonny lee miller

Angelina met her first husband when they filmed the movie Hackers (1995). She and actors Jonny Lee Miller are  in Las Vegas for 6 months to complete the film.

Jolie wore a stylized wedding dress that was different from the traditional when she officially nodded as Jonny’s wife. The wedding party took place just as Jolie said, “You can sacrifice a little to make it truly special.”

For the first time as a bride, Jolie wore black pants and a white shirt with the name of the groom Jonny written in blood on the back of the shirt.

After 3 years, Jolie and Jonny broke up even though they were still friends. They still see the two laughing happily together when attending a special screening of the film Peace One Day in September 9005 in New York.

Billy Bob Thornton- the respectful second husband:

In spite of their 20-year age difference, Thornton and Jolie fell in love on the set of the 1999 dramedy Pushing Tin; Jolie became his fifth wife.

Thornton, who was married to Jolie from 2000 to 2003, only had kind things to say about their brief marriage. “I remember our time together as really being great,” he said. But if it was so great, why did it end? “We just had different lifestyles. Hers is a global lifestyle and mine is an agoraphobic lifestyle,” Thornton said with a laugh. “So, that’s really—that’s the only reason we’re probably not still together, maybe, because of a different path in life we wanted to take.

The Goliath actor, who has a teenage daughter with his sixth wife Connie Angland, said Jolie has always been a “great person,” despite the misconceptions people had about their time together. “We had so much fun. A lot of the things they said about us at the time were exaggerated,” he said. “It wasn’t as crazy as people wrote about it, you know what I mean?” Offering an example, Thornton addressed the controversy surrounding the necklaces he and Jolie wore, which contained vials of each other’s blood. “The necklaces were a very simple thing: ‘Hey, let’s poke our fingers with a pen and smear a little blood on there, and when we’re away from each other we’ll wear the necklace.’ It was that easy,” he recalled. “But by the time it came out in the press, it sounded like we were wearing a bucket of blood around our necks.”

In recent years, Jolie has focused on directing and producing movies, as opposed to starring in them. “The movies she makes are still things that are important to her. Whether they succeed or fail, she still does what she believes in,” Thornton said. “and I’ll always respect her for that.”

The others relationship throughout her youths before get married with Brat Bitt.

 Angelina Jolie began dating actor Timothy Hutton after meeting at the Playing God film studio in 1996. However, this love only lasted for 3 short years.

Just divorced Billy Bob Thornton, the actress resumed public opinion when she was caught having kissing with Nicolas Cage in Gone in 60 Seconds at a major event.

After appearing together in the 2004 Alexander film, producers Val Kilmer and Angelina Jolie were rumored to be dating briefly.

Besides actress Shimizu, Angelina Jolie is also suspected of having a relationship above the level of friends with co-star Elizabeth Mitchell in the film Gia in 1996.

Producer, musician Mick Jagger can be considered as Angelina Jolie’s oldest lover. She was alleged to have a shady relationship with him after appearing in a video of Rolling Stone music magazine entitled Anybody Seen My Baby in 1997.

Brad Pitt- Angelina one of a sought -after couple in Hollywood :

For the first time, Angelina Jolie has described what happened between her and Brad Pitt on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith – and she insists she never had any intention of breaking up his marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

When she first met her costar on the set of the thriller in 2003, “I didn’t know much about exactly where Brad was in his personal life,” Jolie, 31, says in the January issue of Vogue, according to excepts published in the New York Post. “But it was clear he was with his best friend, someone he loves and respects.

“And so we were both living, I suppose, very full lives. … I think we were the last two people who were looking for a relationship. I certainly wasn’t. I was quite content to be a single mom.”

But “Brad was a huge surprise to me. I, like most people, had a very distant impression of him from … the media,” she says.

They didn’t start thinking about a relationship right away, she says. “It took until, really, the end of the shoot for us, I think, to realize that it might mean that was a big thing, something that was going to take a lot of serious consideration.”

The two remained “very, very good friends” from the time the movie wrapped in 2004 until after Pitt and Aniston announced their separation in January 2005, Jolie says.

Jolie says that the time she spent getting to know Pitt before his split was “not as exciting as what a lot of people would like to believe. We spent a lot of time contemplating and thinking and talking about what we both wanted in life and realized that we wanted very, very similar things.

And then we just continued to take time. We remained very, very good friends – with this realization – for a long time,” she says. “And then life developed in a way where we could be together, where it felt like something we would do, we should do.”

In fact, it was her son,  Maddox “just out of the blue called him Dad,” says Jolie. “It was amazing. We were playing with cars on the floor of a hotel room, and we both heard it and didn’t say anything and just looked at each other. So that was probably the most defining moment, when he decided that we would all be a family.”

Pitt has said he and Jolie would not wed until all couples can legally marry, and Jolie agrees that tying the knot is not a priority. “We both have been married before, so it’s not marriage that’s necessarily kept some people together,” she says. “We are legally bound to our children, not to each other, and I think that’s the most important thing.”

However, the loving between her and Brad Bitt doesn’t last long,  Mr and Ms Smith confirm that they were separated   because of different parenting after 12 happy years living together. One of Hollywood’s most concerned marriages was broken. Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from husband Brad Pitt, a reliable source confirmed to CNN.

After the split up with Brad Bitt, Angelina always trying to take care her 6 children and actively take part in a lot of international organization , become one of an ambassador who inspire the motivation for women all the world, especially these catching breast cancer disease.

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