Robert Downey Jr. Made Audiences Angry when Overjoked on Taylor Swift

Recently, Robert Downey Jr. made audiences angry when overjoked on Taylor Swift at an entertainment program! This made many people thought that he was deliberately doing this to increase the heat for the upcoming movie, what is the truth?

Specifically, in the introduction about the animals on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Robert Downey Jr mentioned a female predator spider and he likened it to Taylor Swift. He said: “A male spider when mating with a female is 75% more likely to be killed and eaten by female spiders. This is easily seen in a typical species such as Tayloress Swiftess (impliedTaylor Swift). Oh no, she is not cruel at all, she just writes music about her ex-lover.”

After the show was broadcasted, a wave of indignation immediately occurred and it was thought that Robert was scorning women and specifically here, he was liking Taylor Swift to a man-eating spider. On Twitter, the hashtag #RobertDowneyJrisoverparty has been constantly used by people to warn the actor who played the role of Iron Man. It is known that the two artists have not had any bad impression on each other.

However, a large audiences quickly discovered that Robert Downey Jr. was not the first to compare Taylor Swift as a Spider. The owner of the Ellen show herself talked about this issue and many people thought it was just a funny joke. And also in the script, the program asked the actor to say so and this is one of the mandatory things.

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