Ben Affleck Believes Robert Pattinson Would Become a Great Batman

After revealing the reason for leaving Batman, Ben Affleck continued sharing that he supported Robert Pattinson and thought that the actor would fulfill the role of Batman.

Recently, Ben Affleck, the actor who used to play the role of Batman, shared that he would always support Robert Pattinson who would undertake the role of Caped Crusader in The Batman debut in 2021. Opening with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, Ben was the fifth actor to play Batman. Before leaving the role, he had appeared in a total of three films (including a small role in Suicide Squad). Previously, Ben was supposed to direct, write and star in The Batman. However, it was confirmed that someone else would take the role then.

As rumored, Ben later left the project while Matt Reeves quickly signed a contract to write and direct the film with the appearance of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. The production of The Batman was quickly underway and recently, director Matt has revealed the image of Pattinson wearing the character’s costume. The excitement of the audience increased rapidly when besides Pattinson, The Batman also had the participation of Zoë Kravitz, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Wright, Paul Dano, Andy Serkis, Peter Sarsgaard, and John Turturro.

And recently, during the promotion of the new movie “The Way Back”, Ben was asked about his time playing Batman as well as the original script he wrote for The Batman. In response to the question, the actor quickly sent his support to Robert, “I think Robert is a great actor and he will do well.” In addition, the “former Batman” also further explained why he had left the project: “The movie deserves to be made by a person who is willing to make a masterpiece and that’s not me at that time, so I left.”

It is known that Ben Affleck explained clearly why he had left The Batman. It partly may be due to differences in creative style but Affleck acknowledged that there was a personal reason for this. The actor explained, “I showed someone the script of “The Batman” then they said, “I think this script is good. I think you will drink to death if you go the same wrong way as before.” It seemed that the process of implementing and promoting Justice League in 2017 had greatly affected the actor, especially when this project was considered a failure of the DC. Along with that, the struggle with alcoholism had also increased the tensions in him.

Ben’s recent remarks, including his support for Robertcho, show us that the actor doesn’t have anything to do with leaving. Of course, it’s impossible to assert that he would get rid of it completely, but it’s relieved to know that the actor has turned to projects which could make him feel more passionate about them. Ben’s Batman may not be as popular as Michael Keaton or Christian Bale, but his performances are an integral part of Batman’s history.

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