3 Popular Relationships of Jackie Chan (Part 2)

The relationship between Jackie Chan and Joan Lin was not peaceful. The cheating between Jackie and Elaine Wu became the biggest threat of his career.

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Joan Lin – a devoted wife

Joan Lin became pregnant when her career was at its peak. She once asked Jackie Chan if he needed this baby or not. He determined to have Jaycee Chan. After that, the actress immediately opened a press conference to announce that she would withdraw from the entertainment industry and leave the acting career. Then she went to the US alone to wait for a child. She recalled: “I was waiting for a long and tasteless day. Jackie Chan was too busy at work that he didn’t come to visit me even once. I consoled myself that he was a workaholic who did not even care about himself. It was not until two days before Jaycee was born that Jackie flew to the US to get married and secretly register his marriage. Their wedding ceremony was held in a small cafe near the hospital.

In 1982, Joan Lin gave birth to the son of Jaycee Chan. She was more and more dedicated to help her husband raise their children. Even though Joan Lin suffered from great misery and suffering, she was always silently behind to make solid support for him. Choosing Joan Lin to be his wife, Jackie has never regretted, “Joan Lin was able to withstand loneliness and could understand, forgive, sympathize, and sacrifice everything for me.”

3 Popular Relationships of Jackie Chan (Part 2)

To protect the image of Jackie, Joan Lin never revealed she was the wife of the world-famous star. After more than 30 years of marriage, Joan Lin was always a silent shadow behind her husband’s glory. Jackie Chan was a famous star with many pretty women around him. A reporter once asked the actress how she felt about his outside relationships, she just smiled and replied: “I asked him about the rumor. He said no. I believe him.”

Later, in 1999, the press publicly reported his cheating with Elaine Wu. The marriage of Jackie and Joan Lin seemed to break up. But Joan Lin chose to forgive him to protect the family’s happiness. She did not complain and just advised her husband to quickly resolve things smoothly. Joan Lin assumed: “I do not hurt her, so she does not hurt my family”. Seeing her husband under fire from the public, the Taiwanese defended the man of her life: “As long as he needs it, my son and I will always stand behind to support him.”

3 Popular Relationships of Jackie Chan (Part 2)

Joan Lin is a special bridge between her husband and her son. Being far away from Jackie Chan, she was alone in charge of all the education of her children to make her husband feel comfortable working. Jackie once claimed, “I’m not a good husband and a good parent. Joan Lin has an irreplaceable position in my life. She is so good that I cannot leave her even a little. ”

The incident that Jaycee Chann was arrested for drug addiction had caused a great shock to this famous couple. Jackie Chan was both busy working and taking care of his wife because after the incident, Joan Lin just stayed at home. “I was afraid she would show signs of depression. I was texting to her every day.”

Elaine Wu (Elaine Ng Yi‑Lei) – The cheating affair

The cheating affair between Jackie Chan and Ms. Wu became the biggest threat of his career. The two first met in 1998 at a party. Jackie Chan took the initiative to start a conversation with the actress. According to the press revealed, on the birthday of Jackie Chan (April 7, 1999), the two had slept with each other passionately. Then Miss Asia (in 1990) became pregnant. During her pregnancy, Elaine refused to reveal the father’s identity.

3 Popular Relationships of Jackie Chan (Part 2)

Until one day, she suddenly reported in a newspaper that Jackie Chan was the father of her baby. When news broke, Jackie Chan’s long-time efforts to build an image had collapsed. He opened the press conference to publicly apologize: “I made a mistake that every man makes.” He admitted that he had cheated his wife. Joan Lin chose to forgive her husband, which made him moved to return to his family. Jackie announced that he would leave half of his property to his wife.

Elaine Wu and their daughter was a stain in his life. Although the incident had passed for many years, he still maintained a resolute attitude of not accepting this illegitimate child up to now. He even persuaded them leave Hong Kong and did not hope them to come back.

After the breakup, the two reached an agreement that Ms. Wu brought their daughter to live in Shanghai. Jackie would provide a living allowance, about 10,000 HKD each month. In 2011, Elaine brought the daughter back to Hong Kong to receive the best education. This made Jackie get angry and cut the monthly living allowance from then on.

3 Popular Relationships of Jackie Chan (Part 2)

Jackie Chan also made a public will that he would leave half of the property to wife Joan Lin and his son Jaycee Chan, and the other half to donate. Elaine Wu and her daughter did not inherit any property. The could heart of Jackie made “Miss Asia” feel unjust. She immersed in alcohol and drugs to rescue. Currently, she had financial difficulties and her career decreased dramatically. But Ms. Wu still confidently asserted: “I have no regrets when having a child with Jackie Chan and becoming a single mom.”

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