Robert Downey Jr. after series of Iron Man and his upcoming movies

The 1965-actor Robert Downey is not only an excellent actor but also a producer and a singer. Despite going through some ups and downs during his youth, but this talent star rises to stardom quickly thanks to his typical role as Tony Stark in 2008. The series of Iron man is considered to be one of the most successful superhero movies of  Marvel Cinematic Universe all the time. Simultaneously, this movie pushes Robert Downey Jr. to the Hollywood movie industry.

Robert Downey’s goals after leaving MCU

Avengers: Endgame is the blockbuster that closes Marvel’s Infinity Saga movie after more than 10 broadcasts. It is also the end of the two main superheroes of the revenge squad: Iron Man who died when he tried to protect the universe before the mighty Thanos army and Captain America who chose to stay away from bustling life and enjoy his time with the ones he loves. This means that Robert Downey Jr. will officially leave MCU roof after 11 years of attaching to Tony Stark. This leaves his fan disappointed and pitiful.

Since after finishing the End Game, this famous seems to keep his private life away from the media. In the most recent interview with Off Camera with Sam Jones, he shared that he would like to chase his personal goals and to escape from the character of Iron Man. Besides, he exposed that he wants to put himself in some new different positions. Mentioning to his comeback stage, he decided to attach as a film producer. Recently, he has released his first film “Dolittle” on 25 January this year. In this movie, he played a doctor living in a house full of animals and communicating with them. Unfortunately, “Dolittle” did not gain success as his expectation. This movie received many negative reviews and got nearly 100 million dollars in losses. Despite not obtaining a good sign for his initial work, he still will release new thorough projects to serve his fans.

Upcoming movies starring Robert Downey Jr.

This year his fan will have a chance to see “Robert Downey Jr.’s return in May 2020. He will be seen in the role of Stark one more time but the Marvel prequel ‘Black Widow’. This will be the fourth phase of the MCU in this summer.

Then it’s “All-Star Weekend”, a comedy about basketball fans rivalry written and directed by Jamie Foxx. This movie currently has been in production and has not announced the official release date.


Next, Robert Downey will attend the third installment of the series of Sherlock Holmes. In this franchise, he will stay the role of Sherlock Holmes and combine with Jude Law as his sidekick, Dr. Watson. Dexter Fletcher will be responsible for directing, while Chris Brancato is accountable for writing scripts for the movie. Sherlock Holmes 3 will hit theater on 25 December 2021.


Finally, the second movie by Downey’s team is Untitled John Brinkley Biopic. Robert Downey Jr. will play the lead role as Dr. John Brinkley living in century 20. He is a con man who claimed to be a doctor. He cheats people by fake medicine and a popular broadcast to get fame. Its release date is also kept under wraps.


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