Emma Watson and Young Cast in Touching Movie “Little Women”

The movie “Little Women” was adapted from a novel of the same name. The performance of the four young actresses including Emma Watson in the movie got many compliments from the audience.

Emma Watson and Young Cast in Touching Movie "Little Women"

Little Women is a movie about little women of the March family, a poor family in the US in the late nineteenth century. The father had to go to the battlefield for the American Civil War. The mother must take care everything in the house. The family had four daughters including Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth, respectively. The quartet was a four-piece puzzle representing four opposing personalities.

1. Emma Watson

The oldest sister Margaret (Meg) was played by Emma Watson. Owning beautiful appearance, Watson didn’t face too much difficulty to play the role of the eldest sister in March family. She got many compliments for her natural acting. Emma expressed the right psychological aspects of this character.

In Little Women, the actress born in 1990 did not have a lot of acting space. But she had expressed excellently the character of Meg, a copy of her mother who was full of understanding and tolerance.

2. Saoirse Ronan

Josephine or Jo, the second daughter of the March family, was played by Saoirse Ronan. Jo was a girl with a strong and brave personality. She liked doing what she wanted to do and had a passion to become a writer with both her heart and mind. As the person who led the whole story, Ronan had many scripts that made viewers remember forever.

The role in Little Women helped the Irish beauty receive an Oscar nomination for The Best Actress. The star born in 1994 used to share that she was willing to decline any role that the role of women was vague and tasteless on the screen. Therefore, whenever the actress Lady Bird appeared, she brought an interesting and profound story about the status of a woman.

3. Florence Pugh

The third daughter of the March family was Amy by Florence Pugh. Amy had an artistic aptitude and aspired to become a famous painter. Florence Pugh had a convincing performance, which made the audience love and blame the character Amy at the same time. She was named in the category of The Best Supporting Actress of Oscar for this role this year.

Pugh gained attention last year thanks to the horror film Midsommar. She has cold eyes but filled with warmth. The actress born in 1996 was expected to be outstanding in Hollywood. This young talent actress will continue appearing in the blockbuster Black Widow this year.

4. Eliza Scanlen

The youngest sister Beth, the role of Eliza Scanlen, was the most obedient daughter in the family. She was quiet, shy, but compassionate and possessed skillful fingers on the piano keys.

Eliza Scanlen is a young Australian actress, born in 1999. The actress started studying piano at the age of 7. However, she stopped to learn it when she was 13 years old. Only when preparing for the role of Beth March, Scanlen learned the piano again.

All four characters in Little Women had a certain mark in the audience’s heart. They had different lives and goals. Generally, they all were emotional girls who struggled to find their own happiness.

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